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Sixin products are applied to the monitoring of "violations of land and resources"

Tianjin land and resources and housing management 2.7 batch experiment: the video monitoring system for areas prone to violations of land and resources developed by the sample bureau with the same parameters has been used in provinces and cities, districts and counties, development zones and industrial parks, districts and counties, rural roadsides The farmers' homestead is adjacent to the illegal land prone area, and the illegal land prone area such as the closed mine is installed and used. It has a low TM (55 ~ 60 ℃) and TG (– 60 ℃), and the current land monitoring area is more than 1 million mu. A complete video monitoring system has been established, which can effectively ensure the safety of land resources, strengthen the monitoring and investigation of illegal land occupation, and ensure the high-quality development of the regional economy

a video surveillance camera is erected in the farmland, with an effective viewing distance of 1.5 kilometers, a monitoring perimeter of 10 kilometers, a horizontal rotation of 360 degrees, and a vertical rotation of 180 degrees, which can monitor and ensure the safety of 7500 mu of cultivated land in real time

the system monitors around the clock, and supervisors can stop and deal with violations of laws and regulations at the first time; The monitoring screen can be called out at any time, which reduces the difficulty of law enforcement investigation and evidence collection; A tweeter is equipped under the camera, so that the staff can operate to sound, warn and stop illegal acts, which greatly increases the deterrent of supervision; In the past, one person and one vehicle completed coverage monitoring in 30 days, but now it only takes three hours. After the completion of the system point, the city will reduce the patrol trip by 1.5 million kilometers every year, and the annual cost of easy decomposition and irreversibility after heating will be reduced by 3.5 million yuan

technically, the video monitoring system in areas prone to land and resources violations adopts the combination of Internet VPDN special line and 3G, adopts optical power supply and 3G transmission, and transmits the target scene back to the command center in real time. Sixin router plays the role of wireless video data transmission in this system. The product features high bandwidth and high reliability to achieve stable and smooth data transmission

the video monitoring system equipment in the areas prone to land and resources violations is widely deployed in the region. With the system regulation and the recyclable materials, the protection free and easy to expand the product design model, the equipment data is becoming larger and larger, and it is not enough to rely solely on human management. Sixin communication is a specially customized equipment remote management and control software for the video monitoring system in areas prone to land and resources violations, which can realize the centralized and remote management and configuration of equipment, making the system management more intelligent and efficient

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