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Six painters were busy in catching up with the construction period and were poisoned during garage operations

six painters were busy in catching up with the construction period and were poisoned during garage operations

September 30, 2015

[China paint information] at noon today, many readers reported to Qian that six people were poisoned and fainted in the underground garage of the idyllic pastoral in the north of Hangzhou city

Qian Bao rushed to the scene and confirmed that the place of the incident was Huayuan pastoral Luyun garden

this is a new offer, and it is still the delivery time today. Qian Bao noticed that there were many security guards at the gate of luyunyuan. The owner of the new house needs to contact the corresponding salesperson and can enter under the guidance of the staff. In addition, outsiders are not allowed to enter the community

when asked about someone being poisoned in the garage, the staff at the scene said they didn't know. And refused all interviews

however, Qian Bao met an insider at the scene. He revealed that the incident occurred in 13 underground garages in luyunyuan. At that time, six workers were doing oil in the underground garages. The process lasted about 120 days. When they were found, they had fainted, and then the property management reported 120

after the incident, six poisoned people were sent to the second municipal hospital and 117 hospital for rescue

Qian Bao learned from the second municipal hospital that Zhang Anmin, Secretary of Yucheng municipal Party committee, introduced that the patients had dizziness, nausea and other auspicious symptoms

in the second municipal hospital, Qian Bao interviewed one of the workers. He said that when the incident occurred, they painted the ground of the underground garage. "The project is contracted to us, because it has been delivered, so we also want to do it early, but we didn't expect the impact test; the collision test; the surface paint smell is too heavy, and the space is small. When we feel uncomfortable, we have no strength."

Qian Bao is still learning more about the details

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