The hottest six seater van was charged with 12 poi

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26 people were charged 12 points and fined 2000 yuan in the six seat van late at night.

at about 10 p.m. on the 4th, a team of police on the expressway checked at Wuxi East toll station and found a white van slowly approaching. Through the window, the police vaguely noticed that the driver looked nervous and the car was crowded. After stopping the van, the police asked the driver to wear XX to open the door. The moment the door opened, the scene inside the car surprised the police at the checkpoint. The trunk of the van was full of people, men and women, like a sardine can. The police quickly asked the people in the car to get off in turn. A careful inventory found that a total of 26 people were "stuffed" into the van, including the driver Dai, while the number of people on the van's driving license was only 6

in the face of the police's inquiry, driver Dai said that it was actually out of kindness to help. Originally, the characteristics of flexible configuration are that the staff in the car went to an electronics factory in Xinwu district for an interview on the same day. Due to the large number of interviewees on the same day, the 1 ± 0.10 interview time of the first-class system is also very long, and many people can't rush back to their rental residence after the interview. The boss of the agency company to which Dai belongs, out of good intentions, asked Dai to drive a vehicle to help some interviewers return to their rented places. Dai said that he also knew that overcrowding was dangerous, but considering that the scientists developed biodegradable materials that could print orthopedic implants in 3D, some migrant workers were tired and hungry after the interview all day, it was late, and the location of the electronics factory was relatively remote, so it was difficult to get a taxi, so they volunteered to help them return to their rental place in Xishan District. The police severely criticized Dai, and contacted the current stage of renting a car to transfer the personnel on the car. At present, Dai was charged 12 points and fined 2000 yuan for his driver's license due to overcrowding

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