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Smaller and more powerful - oring launched IGPS

China industrial control industrial control information, smaller and more powerful - oring launched igps-9084gp-la series industrial switches

oring announced the launch of a higher security industrial Ethernet switch igps-9084gp-la series, which not only has higher security specifications and smaller sizes, but also has full Gigabit port configuration and rich Poe ports, This makes this product an ideal choice for highly reliable applications such as security monitoring

half the size

in terms of size design, the igps-9084gp-la series has adjusted the overall design, and the size is only 54.3 (W) x 108.3 (d) x 145.1 (H) mm, which is only half of its size compared with the advanced igps-9084gp series of similar materials. In this way, the occupied space is greatly reduced, which is very suitable for installation applications with small space

communication is safer

the test bench rises. With the wide application of security monitoring system, a large number of IP cameras need to be installed in towers or skyscrapers to provide all-round security. Because the top of the building is relatively vulnerable to lightning, it will cause damage to the equipment in the monitoring system. Igps-9084gp-la series provides 8Kv ESD and 4KV surge protection to protect products from damage and ensure the stability and reliability of the whole network

12 full Gigabit ports

with the progress of security monitoring technology, the amount of data is also growing at a huge rate. Igps-9084gp-la provides eight full Gigabit pipelines, which should adopt segmented pressure test Poe ports and four full Gigabit SFP slots. Not only can all ports provide Gigabit big data communication capability, but also four SFP slots can be used to realize optical fiber long-distance communication. Rich port configuration and high data throughput capacity make igps-9084gp-la series more flexible and competitive for communication networks

maximum 30W Poe power supply

the eight Poe ports of igps-9084gp-la series comply with the ieee802.3at standard and can provide up to 30W output power to the connected power receiving equipment through twisted pair. In the security monitoring system, igps-9084gp-la can supply power to the connected IP camera without installing additional power lines, simplifying installation and wiring, and also saving the main product at this stage is a high-energy nickel based cathode material - enhanced lithium nickel oxide (elno), which saves operation and maintenance time and cost

industrial grade design

as an industrial grade switch, igps-9084gp series can be used in harsh industrial environments. It supports -40 ~ 75 ℃ working temperature, IP30 protection grade, and various safety regulations certification to ensure that the product can still maintain reliable and stable operation in extreme environments

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