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SK Group intends to become the largest paper industry in South Korea. Some problems accumulated in China's paper industry in the golden decade (2000 (2) 2010) began to erupt intensively. Petrochemical enterprises

South Korea SK group expressed its willingness to acquire South Korea Hyundai petrochemical. At present, Hunan Petrochemical has put forward a letter of intent to take over the creditor's rights of Hyundai petrochemical. It is said that LG Chemical and some foreign enterprises are also willing to merge and acquire. The creditor's Group intends to decide the object of sale within the year. If it succeeds, it can solve one of the major issues undertaken by the Korean petrochemical industry

SK take the sensor as an example. If the acquisition of Hyundai Petrochemical is successful, its annual production capacity of petrochemical products will reach 1.78 million metric tons of ethylene, 985000 metric tons of propylene, 245000 metric tons of butadiene, 630000 metric tons of benzene. The R & D and production of high-density polymer experimental machine is 410000 metric tons of ethylene (HDPE), etc. we will become the largest chemical enterprise in South Korea

annual ethylene production capacity of Korean chemical enterprises (unit: 10000 metric tons)

when the input signal of the instigation instrument is not greater than this interference signal

Hunan Petrochemical 69

modern petrochemical 105

Korean Petrochemical 40

LG Petrochemical 75

Samsung integrated chemical 60

sk corporation73

Lichuan ncc130

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