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The story of "Beijing Glass Corporation" and the Olympic Games has to start from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. From the "bird's nest" to the "Water Cube" to the "ice ribbon", all of them continue to write the legend of Beijing glass shining in the world. In 2020, in Tokyo, Japan, norglass will once again tie the knot with the Olympics and start a new exhibition journey

under the influence of the global epidemic, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, which should have attracted much attention, was unfortunately postponed for a year. Located in Shinjuku District, Tokyo, the Japanese Olympic square welcomes the coming year's grand ceremony with its amazing shape

first, the Japanese Olympic square surrounded by blue sky and green trees

as early as the 18th Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, athletes from all over the world came to Hokkaido, Japan, with the seeds of the tree. The grown trees have built a special "Olympic rings" in the museum, so the Olympic culture experienced here is full of unique surprises

the spirit of the second and fifth rings shines on the world

located in the Japanese Olympic Square in Shinjuku District, Tokyo, as the administrative center of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, that is, the new headquarters building of the Olympic Committee. The square began construction in July 2017 and was recently completed. It has a total area of 19070 square meters, 14 floors above the ground and 1 floor underground. The maximum height of the building is about 65 meters. The internal functions are well distributed. The Japanese Olympic Museum on the first and second floors is a place to experience Olympic philosophy and Olympic values; The third floor is the conference room, and the fourth to thirteenth floors are the offices; The 14th floor is a large conference room

Japan Olympic square

on the left (South) is the Japan Youth hall, and on the right (North) is the Japan Olympic square

graphene material was officially separated by researchers at the University of Manchester in northern England in 2004.

against the blue sky and white clouds, the whole building shines, especially the curtain wall glass on the building, with beautiful shape and light sense, giving people good visual enjoyment. Coupled with the surrounding green space and trees, they complement each other, presenting a perfect sense of harmony between "architecture and nature"

III. the glass part on the north side of the building is impressive

the glass part on the north side of the building is impressive

and as the hero of the Olympic square project this time - the glass supplier, beige Tianjin Glass Company, is a company with cutting-edge technology of test results display, specializing in the research and development and production of high-quality super large tempering, clamps (6) the experimental force layer of verification can be set in the verification process It is a new enterprise of printing glass and a professional supplier of the world's top architectural glass. As we all know, Japan is quite strict and keeps improving on quality and details. Japan mostly uses non tempered float glass in the application of architectural glass, and has extremely high requirements for appearance quality, flatness and visual deformation. However, in order to ensure the safety of glass curtain walls, tempered glass is used this time. In the whole process of production and presentation, BG overcame all kinds of difficulties. After many attempts, it finally positioned accurately and finally presented satisfactorily, which made the Olympic square project have a unique sense of craftsmanship and temperament, which is simple, fashionable, elegant and classic

gbt17394 ⑴ 998 metal Leeb hardness test method 4. High quality curtain wall glass makes the details more perfect.

the glass part on the north side of the building is impressive.

North glass has a long-standing relationship with Japan. Since 2012, norglass products have been installed in Givenchy flagship stores in Japan, and norglass has begun to appear frequently in Japan. Flagship stores such as Chanel, Gucci, Coca Cola center and Louis Vuitton have all been equipped with norglass high-end deep-processing glass. This time, the Olympic square is a stunning appearance of non-commercial landmark buildings. The enlightenment brought by the experience of Beijing glass is that to go global, we must strengthen internal training and constantly improve the quality of our products in order to sing the "Chinese brand"

although the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be postponed due to the impact of the COVID-19, the spirit of sports and the dream of peace it carries will still shine on the whole world. May the haze be cleared from now on, and everyone can find the true meaning of health and happiness in ordinary life and pursue their own fields - higher, faster and stronger

on the north side, the "new National Stadium" has already stood, waiting for enthusiasm from all over the world

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