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"Six supports" to build "China Glass City"

according to the "glass industry development plan", Shahe city implements the strategy of science and technology, talent, innovation and brand, and strengthens 61 very small different axes, which will produce various tortuous stress supports, so as to effectively expand and strengthen the glass industry. By 2020, the total output of glass in the city will be stabilized at 60million weight boxes, and advanced composite materials can produce more than 20 kinds of glass products, so as to strive to make Shahe become an influential national demonstration base in the glass industry and build a nationally famous Chinese glass city

large project support. Actively guide the existing glass enterprises to increase investment and technological transformation, the safety industry company introduced the technology of Bengbu Glass Research Institute, and cooperated with Shanghai Kaisheng Co., Ltd. to build a self-cleaning glass production line, with a total investment of 800million yuan. Yingxin group and Xinli company signed agreements with Wuhan University of technology to jointly develop photoelectric conversion glass and high borosilicate glass. In particular, some enterprises rely on advanced technology in their development and growth. For example, Yingxin Glass Group imported advanced technology from Germany and the United States respectively, and invested 780million yuan to build two Low-E glass production lines, whose energy-saving effect of products is in a leading position in the world

large enterprise support. Further strengthen the support and support for key enterprises. We are studying and formulating the implementation plan to encourage the development of large and medium-sized enterprises, and give key support to enterprises with annual tax of more than 2million yuan, leading enterprises in the industry, high-tech enterprises, etc., so as to promote their expansion. This requires that the testing experiments of production plants should be carried out simultaneously with production, large-scale production, improve management level, create high-quality and famous products, and create a good corporate image, Focus on cultivating several large glass enterprise groups with certain influence in the country, rely on these large enterprise groups to drive the development of the industry, and establish the image of Shahe glass industry

large base support. At present, the glass industrial park in Shahe City has a certain scale, the glass industrial cluster has initially taken shape, and the infrastructure in the park, such as water, electricity, road, gas, telecommunications, has been basically sound. Next, on the basis of further improving these infrastructures, they should step up the planning and construction of business supporting facilities such as glass trade center, business center and logistics center that adapt to modern market logistics, as well as production and testing supporting facilities such as glass raw material composition analysis and testing center and glass quality inspection center, and strive to build a modern industrial production base with complete functions

great service support. Further strengthen the guidance and services for the development of glass industry and project construction, strengthen the supervision mechanism of glass projects, and establish a project coordination office headed by the main leaders of the city for major glass projects. Further enrich the staff and functions of the glass industry office, and give full play to its guiding and coordinating role

further optimize the enterprise development environment, pay close attention to the cleaning and standardization of enterprise related charging items, focus on administrative speed-up and service quality improvement, comprehensively strengthen the efficiency construction of government organs, and strive to create an open and transparent policy environment and a clean and efficient government environment for enterprise development

high tech support. Increase government and glass enterprises' investment in science and technology and industrialization. Further strengthen the construction of glass R & D center, and actively promote the establishment of cooperative development relations between the center and large-scale research and development institutions at home and abroad. Accelerate the construction of enterprise technology R & D centers dominated by large backbone enterprises, establish and improve enterprise technology innovation systems and mechanisms, and guide enterprises to take the development path of combining production, learning and research by strengthening cooperation with colleges and universities and glass R & D centers. Relying on the technical support of the glass technology R & D centers of the city and large enterprises, establish high-tech incubation and transformation centers, constantly cultivate forward-looking and market competitive high-tech products, and accelerate the commercialization and industrialization of high-tech achievements

efficient platform support. Accelerate the establishment of modern management, marketing and publicity systems such as glass technology consulting, achievement display and information network center, record data, and provide enterprises with all-round and networked information services from information consulting, database management to technical exchange and product publicity, so as to make it a window for internal services and external exchanges of the glass industry, and build a modern and open cooperation and exchange platform for the development of Shahe glass enterprises

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