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Sk Telecom and Bell Laboratories jointly develop ng to enhance the contribution of scientific and technological innovation to enterprise development n technology

recently, SK Telecom and Bell Laboratories, the research institution of Alcatel lucent, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU). According to the cooperation framework agreement, the two sides will jointly launch the next generation communication network research project

in the field of wireless technology, a potential project is that the two companies jointly define the form of wireless networks, especially the applications used on 4G networks that network operators will launch in the next few years. In addition, the two sides will also focus on developing methods that enable increasingly complex networks to manage and configure themselves. It is self-evident that network operators hope to achieve higher efficiency due to the growth trend of paper packaging, cardboard, aluminum foil and other markets. It can be predicted that the demand for self optimizing network will gradually increase

through this cooperation, SK Telecom and Bell Laboratories will achieve win-win benefits. Sk Telecom hopes to seek cooperation in core technologies such as interference control, network automation and virtualization in multi network environment, so as to further optimize network transmission and reduce network maintenance costs. At the same time, the project will also deepen Bell Laboratories' R & D capabilities in emerging technology fields and expand the scope of its research projects in South Korea

Jae Wan Byun, senior vice president of SK Telecom and director of Network Technology Research Institute, said: "the signing of this agreement has brought valuable opportunities for the two companies. The perfect combination of SK Telecom's extensive end-user services and network commercialization capabilities with Bell Labs' market proven Telecom R & D capabilities will promote the cooperation and development of the two sides in the field of chitosan technology, the main component of such films in core telecom technology in the future."

debasis Mitra, head of global research and university cooperation at Bell Laboratories, said: "we believe that the combination of Bell Laboratories' leading research capabilities in emerging network technologies and SK Telecom's market experience will bring new development opportunities to Alcatel Lucent and help SK Telecom achieve its strategic goals." C114 China Communications

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