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Six strategies of China Packaging Association promote the development of China's packaging paper industry

in recent years, it has radiated to nearly 30 provinces and regions across the country. With the accelerated economic development, the packaging paper industry, as China's traditional industry, will face more fierce international and domestic market competition. In order to promote the steady development of China's packaging paper industry, increase the market share of products, and enter the international market, experts have recently put forward six strategies for the development of packaging paper industry. So far, It may give some enlightenment to packaging enterprises

brand strategy. Brand benefits of packaging paper products are particularly important. At present, there are few famous brands in domestic paper products. Only well-known brands can endow paper products with more profound connotation. Therefore, packaging paper enterprises should take creating famous brands as a long-term behavior, integrate brand awareness into products as an enterprise spirit, and combine with reality to determine an all-round brand development strategy suitable for their own development. The "plastic restriction order" falls into a dilemma, and gradually create their own well-known brands and get public recognition

low cost strategy. At present, the unit cost of products of domestic enterprises is higher than that of foreign advanced enterprises. The main reason is the differences in management, equipment, technology and so on. Standardized management is the most important means to reduce costs

market segmentation strategy. With the rapid development of economy, users have higher and higher requirements for paper products, and there are more and more varieties of paper products. Feng Dongming, chairman of MEC investment group, said that the speed of product upgrading has accelerated, making the paper market show a multi polar and multi-level consumption pattern. Therefore, only by subdividing and re subdividing the market and designing products suitable for the re subdividing market, can paper enterprises enter a "point" of the paper market, point by point, and obtain their own customer base

guide consumption strategies. There are two main aspects to guide consumption: first, industry associations and the government guide the market from the macro perspective, standardize the market, overcome repeated construction, and promote asset restructuring; Second, enterprises stimulate consumers' desire to buy from different angles, guide and cultivate consumers' correct consumption concept, and achieve the purpose of promoting products

chain management strategy. Chain operation is a relatively complex and huge marketing strategy, which must go through three stages: cultivation, development and stabilization. First, we must carry out thorough market research, reasonable point distribution, and then cultivate a group of partners, and constantly strengthen contact, develop and improve the network, so as to implement the chain operation strategy in a planned and step-by-step way

"selling real estate" strategy. This strategy can take many forms: first, set up production plants in areas where sales are concentrated, and the products can be sold locally directly after leaving the factory; The second is to set up factory wholesale departments in areas with relatively concentrated sales to facilitate users' purchase. While considering production and sales, there is also a problem of "supply". We must also consider the procurement channels of raw materials, which is related to the level of production costs

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