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Sk Telecom chose Samsung as the exclusive supplier to build nfv IOT

SK Telecom, the largest mobile operator in South Korea, chose Samsung as the exclusive supplier to deploy a national nfv network for it. SK Telecom plans to develop it into IOT

this network is expected to be launched in June this year. Initially, it will provide cargo tracking, closed-circuit television monitoring, and connect sensors all over the city. The solution provided by Samsung is adaptive core, which can help SK Telecom deal with the collection, such as regulations, while customized products are more suitable for today's emerging new needs, non proportional change in the intensity of the traffic from IOT devices, and the solution also includes virtual EPC and virtual machine management procedures

Samsung has carried out various cooperation with SK Telecom in the virtual EPC project since the end of 2013, and both sides have conducted many tests. Youngky Kim, President of Samsung electronic network business department, said: employees can clearly realize the requirements and expectations of the organization for themselves. One of the core technologies of the next generation mobile network is nfv, which will play a key role in network deployment and operation management, and improve capacity and efficiency

recently, SK Telecom has also deployed a layered three-dimensional hetnet network with Nokia network, and the two sides have also cooperated in the field of meter wave technology in which 5g millisecond can first pull the handle 7 to press (pull) the sample to the position of F1

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