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Application of SIXNET high-end RTU products in natural gas metering system

SIXNET high-end RTU products (IPM level) have 32-bit PowerPC processors, large storage space, and provide multiple standard serial ports and Ethernet communication ports. It not only provides the test strength of standard instant paper and core paper to calculate the quasi programming function, but also supports embedded applications, and can support advanced programming and network communication applications, such as web server, Internet access, advanced c/c++ programming, etc. it is the latest generation of controller products. Once it is launched, it gets good evidence in the industry and guides the development direction of industrial controllers

1. Advanced functions of natural gas measurement

(1) the measurement station is responsible for the handover of measurement tasks. Based on mipm RTU products, the embedded application of sy/t 6143 measurement standard can be realized, which greatly improves the reliability and real-time performance of the measurement program. It is the latest development of natural gas measurement applications

(2) using the unique datalogging function of SIXNET system, important data such as flow accumulation are backed up in mipm RTU, which does not only depend on the fact that there should be no relative slip with the collet under the applied state or during the experimental process; After the collet is unloaded or the specimen is broken, the traditional computer makes data backup. Even if the computer and communication equipment fail, the data can still be recovered, which greatly improves the security of data storage

(3) the high and reliable industrial application quality of mipm RTU products ensures the long-term reliable operation of equipment at important metering stations

2. The communication capability of mipm RTU

(1) provide 1 Ethernet and 4 serial ports (rs232/rs485) communication at the same time

(2) support remote communication (Wireless Ethernet, radio, gsm/gprs, etc.), local display (computer, display panel, etc.) and local intelligent flowmeter communication (customize proprietary communication protocol)

(3) it supports standard Modbus communication protocol and can customize third-party proprietary communication protocol

3. The expandable function of the system

(1) the modular DIN rail installation of independent units improves the expansion ability of the system and simplifies the installation of the system

(2) sixne T software supports system configuration and program modification

(3) mipm RTU realizes two-way metering, and the multi-channel metering system can be realized by simply expanding the i/o module

(4) based on the open product architecture, we can easily update the latest version of the measurement standard procedure on tariff exemption without adding additional hardware investment

4. System reliability operation scheme

(1) first of all, it is the measurement calculation standard program recognized by the production, marketing and even the measurement supervision department, such as sy/t 6143 measurement standard

(2) the second is the system operation management. To ensure the safety and reliability of data, we provide two effective means:

A. through keylock keyboard security management software (developed by SIXNET China), avoid abnormal computer operation

B. provide double passwords for important process data that affect measurement results, such as natural gas component parameters, which must be confirmed by both parties before entering or modifying

5 Enterprise management information network terminal monitoring scheme

(1) web server functional components are embedded in the controller

(2) firewall functional components are embedded in the controller

(3) assign a valid IP address to the controller (RTU)

(4) establish physical connection of network

(5) configure the IE interface of the browsing terminal and assign password permissions

6. Interpretation of natural gas sy/t 6143 standard measurement program

natural gas sy/t614 embedded in RTU checks whether the analysis results can make the research object in the motion state given by the topic. 3 the standard measurement program is divided into three parts:

(1) initialization data: create a two-dimensional data table, calculate the initial value of instantaneous flow iteration, etc

(2) iterative calculation of instantaneous flow: easily realize the iterative process that cannot be realized by conventional PLC language

(3) flow accumulation: time integration method, unit time correction, power failure to maintain cumulative flow

sy/t6143 standard has specific requirements or regulations for each of the above parts. SIXNET RTU embedded program optimizes some calculation methods that are not specifically specified in the standard according to practical applications

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