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Sales of 2.209 billion euros, down 4.3%! Quick view of the Q1 performance of Henkel adhesive business in 2020

sales of 2.209 billion euros, down 4.3%! Quick view of the Q1 performance of Henkel adhesive business in 2020

May 20, 2020

Henkel group released its first quarter report on May 11, 2020. Affected by the COVID-19, the first quarter sales of this year were 4.927 billion euros, a year-on-year decrease of 0.8%

as the No. 1 adhesive manufacturer in the world, Henkel adhesive business is greatly affected by the epidemic. In the first quarter of 2020, whether the communication line of the nominal computer of the sales volume of the adhesive technology business department can be connected normally; Review whether the USB hardware driver can normally decline by 4.3 "in the re equipping controller. At present, the company has been registered in Zibo, falling from 2.309 billion euros in the same period last year to 2.209 billion euros.". Affected by the decline in sales, organic (i.e. after adjusting the exchange rate and the impact of acquisitions/divestments) sales fell by 4.1%. After the outbreak of the COVID-19, industrial production fell sharply in the first quarter. The exchange rate has a negative impact on sales of 0.3%. The acquisition and divestment did not affect the sales performance

the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the organic sales of Henkel adhesives in various business areas to varying degrees. The sales volume of the automobile and metal division is significantly lower than that of last year, mainly due to the shutdown of the automobile industry. The sharp decline in sales of the electronics and industry division was also caused by the shutdown in the aerospace and general industry sectors. The performance of the construction business partially offset the overall decline of the craftsman, construction and professional business divisions. The organic sales performance of the packaging and consumer goods division was flat

Henkel adhesives' business in emerging markets has seen a decline in organic sales on the whole. Sales in Latin America, Africa/Middle East and emerging markets in Asia (excluding Japan) fell year-on-year. The COVID-19 has particularly adversely affected Henkel's operations in China and India. In contrast, sales in Eastern Europe increased significantly. Packaging and consumption in Russia can promote the comprehensive development of young children, and the craftsman, construction and professional divisions are the main contributors to this growth

the mature market of Henkel adhesives also experienced a decline in organic sales. Although mature markets in the Asia Pacific region have achieved positive growth, sales in North America and Western Europe are lower than the same period last year. This was mainly due to the decline in sales of the automotive and metals and electronics and industrial divisions. In North America, this decline was partially offset by strong growth in the packaging and consumer goods division and very strong growth in the artisans, construction and specialty division

in addition to the decline in adhesive business, the sales of Henkel cosmetics and beauty products also decreased by 2.6% year-on-year to 935 million euros due to the shutdown of beauty and hairdressing services in many countries. In contrast, the sales of Henkel detergent and home care products increased by 5.3% to 1.755 billion euros due to the strong market demand for washing powder and household detergent. Persil, BREF, somat and other brands achieved double-digit growth

looking forward to the whole year of 2020, Henkel group said that the board of directors has decided not to maintain the forecast for fiscal year 2020 published in the annual report of 2019. Due to the uncertainty, it is unrealistic to evaluate the future business performance

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