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Salesforce embraces the seamless integration of wearable platform CRM and smart glasses

wearable devices are becoming the next wave of business opportunities in the eyes of the IT industry. IDC, an analysis agency, predicts that in the next four years, it will achieve an annual compound growth rate of 80%, and the global shipment volume will reach 112million units in 2018. This makes the pure enterprise software industry also want to take a share

Adam Seligman, vice president of salesforce developer relations, pointed out that wearable devices have the potential to change application software. Now they are only entering the personal and consumer markets, but in the near future, they will significantly change the scientific and technological experience of enterprise and customer interaction. In order to prepare early, salesforce announced salesforce wear, which is known as the industry's first enterprise wearable computing plan, and released the salesforcewear developer pack

through this project, salesforce hopes that third-party developers can develop relevant applications, so that the tentacles of the customer relationship management (CRM) platform can be extended to wearable devices, so that such devices can become another terminal of its CRM system like

this kit contains six reference applications, which are designed for Google glass, Android wear, Samsung gear 2, myo, nymi and pebble watch, such as Google glass application that can provide step-by-step instructions from on-site technicians, Android wear application that allows retail store managers to directly approve discounts, or surgeons who control 3D simulation diagrams of patient bones in salesforest database through wrist strap thalmic myo with a screen

salesforce also publishes its source code, API, and identity information for accessing sample customer information to assist developers in developing enterprise applications that connect to the company's salesforce1 platform and can execute on wearable devices

google glass suite includes an open source inspection application, which enables on-site technicians to check the procedures step by step

android wear: it contains a discount application that releases the source code this year, so that managers can directly check more information on the surface of the sliding watch in addition to the regular adjustment, and directly approve or return the request for discount

myo: This is a surgical application that allows doctors to interactively display patient information in 3D simulation

samsung gear 2: with an open source today application, users can watch the instant events of salesforce on their watches

bionym nymi: the included open source application can help hotels provide highly personalized services for VIPs

pebble smart4 when you need to query the test results of the samples or sample groups that have been stored in the machine, watch: contains an open source application that can display the summary information or reports of the salesforce dashboard

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