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Double the sales volume of heavy truck optimized t7h/6 × 2 successfully counter attack

double the sales volume of heavy truck optimized t7h/6 × 2 successfully counter attack

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since the t7H optimized version of China heavy duty truck was launched, it has attracted the attention of many new and old customers and consulted one after another. The South Hebei region is the traditional competitive market of competitive products. In order to quickly improve the market share of heavy truck products, the Sales Department of Beijing Hebei region innovated the marketing mode and vigorously promoted and promoted it in the way of regional linkage. In just one month, the t7H optimized version successfully countered the market downturn. The sales volume of the optimized version of t7H doubled, with more than 20 imported in the most counties and cities, and more than 10 in other counties and cities

the South Hebei region is mainly dominated by coal trucks. This year, the overall market continues to be depressed, so the traditional coal trucks are about to enter the bottleneck. In order to seize the high-end market and guide to high-power tractors, FRP tensile and compressive strength testing machines in various factories have introduced new models and policies. In order to seize the opportunity in this market tide, the Beijing Hebei region requires dealers to explore the publicity and promotion activities to the villages and towns, further close to the end customers, focus on the small delivery ceremony, let the car maintenance friends around the customer also participate in the lively atmosphere of the delivery ceremony, and enhance the brand influence through communication and communication between customers, so that every delivery ceremony can have a great harvest. At the same time, take the initiative to invite customers to participate in a small test drive challenge. Through the actual operation of t7H, you Jinqiu, a senior engineer of Zhejiang architectural science design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., analyzed and controlled it, and looked for red envelopes in important parts, so that customers can further understand the advantages of t7H optimized version and the differences between t7H and competitive products. In order to further establish a good relationship with customers, dealers visit car buyers every month, establish customer relatives' files, understand customers' difficulties, help customers from various angles, and sincerely make friends with customers, so as to gain the recognition and trust of many users

through various efforts, the sales volume of the optimized t7H this month doubled, and the growth rate of each brand was the highest. More than 20 sets were imported in the counties and cities with the most in this month, and more than 10 sets were imported in other counties and cities

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