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Sales decline and charging infrastructure increase. How about the new energy vehicle market in 2020

On January 11, 2020, the Minister of industry and information technology said, "the subsidy will decline on July 1, 2019. Everyone is concerned about whether it will decline this year. I hereby make it clear that there will be no decline in July this year."

for the current industry full of sorrow, Minister Miao's words won a lot of applause and gave the market and shareholders a boost, which also indicates that the domestic new energy market may usher in a new turn in 2020. Looking back on the domestic new energy market in 2019, I think it is most appropriate to use the words "high opening and low going". From the initial boom to the decline in sales for six consecutive months after the refund, the experience for major manufacturers is comparable to a roller coaster

the data shows that in 2019, the production and sales of 1242000 and 1206000 vehicles were completed respectively, with a year-on-year decrease of 2.3% and 4% respectively. Among them, the pure production completed 1.02 million vehicles, an increase of 3.4% year-on-year; 972000 vehicles were sold, a year-on-year decrease of 1.2%; The production and sales of 220000 and 232000 vehicles were completed respectively, with a year-on-year decrease of 22.5% and 14.5% respectively; Production and sales of 2833 and 2737 vehicles were completed, with a year-on-year increase of 85.5% and 79.2% respectively

we can see from the data that the current new energy market has entered a cold winter. Now, 2020 has arrived. For industry insiders and major auto companies, how to develop the new energy market in 2020 has become a topic of concern. At this time when we are ready to welcome the new installation of test pieces, let's have a comprehensive outlook on the market in 2020 and see how the new energy market develops this year

2020 will be the most competitive year

"the market in 2020 will not be ideal, and the production and marketing data may be low in the first place and high in the second. The pain of subsidies will not be easily passed, but the competition will intensify, and many nude swimming brands will surface". For the new energy market in 2020, many insiders said so

indeed, there are too many uncertainties in the new energy market in 2020. First of all, from the perspective of products, if the domestic new energy market was the dominant brand in China before, it has entered the era of a hundred schools of thought contending. It is not difficult to observe carefully. 2020 is regarded as the "year of new energy" by many joint ventures and luxury brands, and a number of new energy models will be launched to seize the market. For example, by 2020, the brand matrix in the Chinese market will include about 10 models; 2020 is the first year of EV, and two pure electric vehicles will be put into the market successively in the first half of the year

although the emergence of these models can play a certain role in stimulating independent brands, they are more challenges. If our Chinese brands want to really compete with them, they must show enough strength. Relying on the protection of policies and subsidies has long become a history of tooth destruction. The only way to solve this problem is to make themselves stronger, otherwise the consequences will only be eliminated

in addition to these traditional giants to seize the market, construction engineering is more aggressive. At present, the factory's capacity has reached an average of 280 units per day, constantly approaching the planned output of 3000 units/week and 150000 units/year in phase I. after the completion of all later projects, the design capacity will reach 500000 units/year. When it is reduced to less than 300000 yuan, the price advantage of models with similar prices will be established. For the industry, such an opponent is undoubtedly "the wolf is coming"

it can be seen that 2020, which has come, will be a year of fierce competition for independent brands, joint ventures and luxury brands. When market sales continue to decline, more competition in the limited market will inevitably accelerate the opening of the knockout round

in addition to competitive incentives, for the new energy market, the "double points" policy also affects the new energy market this year. For a long time, for the new energy market, the industry has always believed that the "double points" policy is considered to be the key to driving growth after the decline of subsidies. Because as expected, under the mandatory requirements of the "double points" policy hard indicators, enterprises have to vigorously promote, so as to drive market sales. However, from the perspective of the implementation effect in 2019, the "double points" policy is obviously difficult to shoulder the heavy responsibility

for the current new energy market, Cuidongshu, Secretary General of the passenger Association, said: "Under this new trend, the market must allow new energy vehicles to compete head-on with traditional vehicles, and finally form a comprehensive cost advantage for consumers to gradually accept. In the process of acceptance, the pain caused by the decline of subsidies can only be solved by the industry itself.

the increase of charging infrastructure may become the driving force of the future new energy market.

charging piles are essential infrastructure, and their positioning is similar to that of fuel dispensers in gas stations. We can see from the 2019 sales data that the current production and sales are mainly from pure electric vehicles, and it is expected that the main growth in the future will also be concentrated in pure electric special vehicles and. The continuous growth of production and sales has increased the demand for charging facilities, including the increase in the number of charging piles, the innovation of related technologies, the continuous improvement of supporting facilities and the further improvement of charging speed. The development of the industry marks the increasing importance of charging infrastructure

although the domestic new energy market experienced six consecutive declines last year in terms of sales, there was a significant increase in charging infrastructure. According to the data, as of December 2019, the cumulative number of national charging infrastructure was 1.219 million, an increase of 50.8% year-on-year, the cumulative sales volume reached 4.2 million, and the vehicle pile ratio reached 3.4:1

the popularization of charging infrastructure plays a great complementary role in solving the lack of endurance, which can provide good basic help for the rapid popularization of and break the bottleneck for the promotion of. At present, China is in the bottleneck period of market-oriented development, and to break this bottleneck, the construction and operation of charging infrastructure is one of the solutions to the case. Nowadays, with the increase of charging infrastructure, it is likely to become the driving force for the rise of the new energy market in the future

on the whole, although the new energy market is still not optimistic in the first half of this year, there is no doubt that new energy is a misoperation and the development trend of the future car market. For the new energy market in 2020, which is more competitive, we hope that all car companies can show their strongest strength, not only to bring more high-quality products to consumers, so that the new energy market can stop falling and recover as soon as possible

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