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On January 12, 2017, the leader of mobile CRM, easy to sell, announced at a press conference themed from the general trend to the promising future that it had obtained 280million yuan of d-round financing from Tencent, and released five industry solutions based on the PAAS platform, including education, wealth management, home decoration, media, and medical treatment. More than 400 guests from the investment community, partners, users and media from all walks of life attended the press conference

since 2013, the company has introduced financing at an annual rate for five consecutive years. In November, 2013, Sequoia Capital's a-round investment was obtained by sales easy; In July, 2014, Sequoia Capital's round B investment was easily obtained from sales; In March, 2015, sales easy to obtain $15million round C financing from Jingwei China and Sequoia Capital; In April, 2016, sales e-commerce completed the round c+ financing of RMB 100million led by Jingwei China. Less than a year later, in January 2017, sales easy obtained a round D financing of 280million yuan led by Tencent, followed by Sequoia Capital, Jingwei China and Zhenge fund

Shi Yanze, CEO of the founder of sales e-commerce, said that since its establishment, sales e-commerce has always adhered to the customer-centered principle and took meeting the needs of customers as its own responsibility. This round of financing funds will be used to expand the product and technical team, improve the industry solution ability of PAAS platform, strengthen the construction of market investment and service team, better serve the needs of enterprises of different sizes in different industries, and help enterprises narrow the relationship with customers, Truly realize customer-centric operation

new economy and new model

after the early brutal development model, the demographic dividend and consumption dividend gradually disappeared, and the consumption upgrading forced the upgrading of enterprise services. The transformation and reconstruction of the traditional economic model by Internet technology entered the deep-water area, and the era of lying down and making money has become a thing of the past. In the second half of the Internet development, enterprises that take the lead in embracing the new growth model and pay attention to leadership, innovation and efficiency tools can survive in the future economic environment. The value of third-party companies that help enterprises improve efficiency and reduce costs will gradually appear

Internet technology, after transforming the TOC market in a short period of more than a decade, has quickly turned to the enterprise service field that has a deeper impact on the economy, and has become the core driving force to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises. The era of Tob market has come

in the call to build a network power, the country said that it should increase investment, strengthen the construction of information infrastructure, promote the deep integration of Internet and real economy, speed up the digitization and intellectualization of traditional industries, expand and strengthen the digital economy, and expand new space for economic development

idc data shows that by 2017, 67% of the world's large enterprises will take digital transformation as the core of their corporate strategies. By 2020, most businesses of 50% of the global top 2000 enterprises will depend on their ability to create digital enhanced products, services and experiences

under the new economic situation, the key point for enterprises to complete digital transformation is to break the barrier between internal IT systems and external interconnection, and closely connect internal businesses with external customers. Therefore, Gartner believes that in the next stage, Internet technology, especially mobile technology, plays an irreplaceable role in promoting the deep-seated informatization of enterprises, and is the booster of enterprise digital transformation and transformation. CRM, which applies a new generation of new information technology based on Internet level, is the core of enterprise digitalization

however, for IT departments whose orders are expected to continue in large-scale industry, they are facing many challenges in this wave of digital transformation: the existing traditional CRM service providers have always focused on the internal management of the enterprise, and it is difficult to meet the needs of internal and external communication of the enterprise due to the underlying architecture problems. 7. What is the significance of 1/120000 and 1/300000 yards for customers, and they cannot support this new business architecture; The enterprise IT department starts from zero. 8) the labor cost and time cost of normal wear and tear are too high. If it relies on partners or outsourcers to develop, the capital and later maintenance costs are huge; Vertical solution providers based on a certain business line also have shortcomings such as insufficient system flexibility, lack of overall design, and easy to bring new information islands. Therefore, a new generation of paas+saas CRM based on the new Internet level architecture with social, intelligent, big data and personalized elements is undoubtedly the most perfect solution to meet the needs of enterprise digital transformation

as a new generation of CRM products in the era of mobile Internet, salesease integrates new technologies such as mobile, cloud, social networking, big data, artificial intelligence, and continues to innovate, leading the development of CRM. In the past few years, sales e-commerce has focused on digital sales management to help customers improve team performance and efficiency. In the future, salese will continue to use the latest Internet technology to change the traditional CRM, quickly open up more convenient channels, help enterprises and their customers realize the digitalization of the whole internal and external chain, and become a real new type of customer relationship management company

new platform and new path

in order to comprehensively support the industrialized and personalized digital needs of enterprises in the whole process and improve user satisfaction, easy to sell, a PAAS platform that can meet the personalized needs of enterprises in different industries and sizes was launched in April 2016. In July of the same year, the mobile PAAS platform was launched. This press conference sales easy announced the media, wealth management, education, home decoration Five pharmaceutical industry solutions based on PAAS platform

it can be said that the PAAS platform of easy to sell carries the mission of helping enterprises complete digital transformation. This is a new technology platform, which microservices all products and components, and turns the whole business process into many subtle modules like slices. Users can freely combine according to their own business needs, so that enterprises can avoid repeated large-scale investment in IT systems. At the same time, the system presets a complete set of CRM business logic for marketing, sales management and customer service, which can quickly realize the personalization of enterprise business, and when the business changes, it can be adjusted and configured flexibly at any time, so that the solution can be implemented in a short time

since its release, the easy to sell PAAS platform has experienced rapid iteration for about half a year, and has made great progress in innovation (Application of big data, innovation of mobile experience), quality (professionalism and integrity of platform architecture), scalability (configuration scalability, customized development scalability), third-party development (friendliness, convenience), etc. At present, it has provided services for dozens of large listed companies to build applications to support personalized business operations in all walks of life

at this press conference, Ye Hui, senior vice president of sales e-commerce, summarized the characteristics of the sales e-commerce PAAS platform as: scalable, connectable, in-depth development, mobile platform. Among them, mobile has always been the advantage of selling easy. Mobile PAAS allows users to achieve the harmonious coexistence of fluency and personalization through native + flexible configuration, and brings users a more focused and belonging experience

based on metadata driven architecture and drag and drop application development framework, easy to sell PAAS builds secure, multi tenant, all channel applications, and has unique attributes such as social networking, intelligence, internationalization, etc. Customers can build new business applications that meet the needs of enterprise development through PAAS platform, and create a mobile CRM application platform that is exclusive to customers. And sales Yi will also help CIOs quickly connect technology and business in the role of a facilitator, and comply with the changes of enterprise strategy and business model

at the same time, based on the sales easy PAAS platform, partners do not need to start from scratch. They can use the fully modular platform development environment to quickly land applications, so as to provide customers with high-quality industry solutions. This platform can be said to be a more ideal carrier for partners to improve their own services

Ye Hui said that the traditional development method requires years to launch the industry solution. Using the sales easy platform, it only takes three people to complete the development and testing in a month

the five major industry solutions released this time also come from the sincere cooperation between sales easy and ISV. As a new way of cooperation, the PAAS platform for selling easy CRM is waiting for nothing. Excellent ISVs are welcome to join us to create a new generation of industry solutions and win-win cooperation

new partners should ensure that their experimental size fixture is between 180mm) new future

following Sequoia Capital, Jingwei China and other investment institutions, Tencent has become an investment partner of sales Yixin this time

Shi Yanze said: CRM has always paid attention to the internal management of enterprises in the past. With the development of Internet, its coverage must be extended to the outside. At the beginning of its establishment, sales easy was named Renke interaction. It was hoped that through the latest Internet technology, CRM would return to the focus on people and relationships, and allow enterprises and customers to interact more closely and deeply, not limited to the automation of internal processes of enterprises. This is sales easy's cognition and understanding of the new generation of CRM

with such a vision, the early stage of sales e-commerce focused on the automation and digitization of customer acquisition process. In the future, we will start from a more comprehensive perspective, truly connect enterprises and customers, and strengthen the links between people, enterprises, and people and enterprises, so as to provide more in-depth services for customers and improve service value

therefore, Tencent, which aims to connect everything, has an inevitable intersection with sales Yi. In the process of digitalization of the enterprise as a whole, everyone is a customer of an enterprise, a subset, and almost all are Tencent users. Through cooperation with Tencent, enterprises can better link customers and provide services in depth. This is similar to the starting point of Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn and salesforce's acquisition of twitter

this is not the strategic transformation of selling Yi, but the adherence to the original intention and gene. This is a dream of connection and interaction. Through the focus on enterprise services, we strive to achieve it in the near future

being people-centered and helping enterprises connect customers more closely is the original intention and gene of salese, which salese has always adhered to. In the five years since its establishment, salese has established its voice in the industry by virtue of its professionalism, gradually established its leading position in the industry, and achieved excellent market performance and high recognition from its customers. Tencent's choice is also an affirmation of this persistence

after the combination of strong and strong, sales Yi will increase investment in talent, market, products and services, more quickly realize the mission of helping enterprises closely contact customers, and help enterprises achieve the goal of customer-centered operation. Bring more sophisticated and intelligent experience to enterprises, and lead the transformation and upgrading tide of the whole traditional enterprise digitalization with a more advanced customer relationship management method

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