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Salesforce's revenue in the first quarter of fiscal 2018 was $2.4 billion, up 25% year-on-year

salesforce's financial report in the first quarter of fiscal 2018 (from February 1 to April 30) showed that the company's net loss in this quarter was $9.2 million (about £ 7million), compared with the same quarter of 2016, its net loss was as high as $38.7 million (about £ 29.8 million), which really seemed to reduce a lot of losses, but it was always at a loss

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however, it is worth affirming that salesforce's revenue increased by 25% in the first quarter of this year, reaching 2.4 billion US dollars (about 1.8 billion pounds). Salesforce's deferred revenue (i.e. realized cash) in the fourth quarter was $5billion (about 3.8 billion pounds), an increase of 26% over the same period last year

this quarter, the company's sales performance in the European market was particularly strong. At this time, it has increased by 27% in the last three months, reaching US $409million (about 314million pounds)

at this financial report meeting, Marc Benioff, CEO of slaesforce, said that he was very excited about the performance in this quarter and was happy to officially release it. He also publicly mentioned that he would achieve $10billion in revenue in fiscal 2018

for friends who pay attention to salesforce, the balance of assets and liabilities of this cloud CRM software supplier has always been a topic of great interest. Taking last year as an example, the company suffered a decline in profits in three quarters, while in 2015/16, it also suffered an operating deficit in three quarters. However, if we can calculate, analyze and deal with the consequences of single and group experiments, and slightly print and output a variety of declaration situations, and then move forward, it will always maintain the state of overall loss

it's interesting that both annual revenue and total market value rank first among SaaS enterprises in the world. S plastic extruder is usually called host alesforce, and even if it loses money, it is favored by industry analysts. Last year, some foreign analysts pointed out that salesforce is moving towards the goal of achieving 100 billion market value within three years, and the company's revenue will reach US $17billion by 2020

the reason why everyone is optimistic about the development of salesforce is that they are more likely to hope that SaaS business can have greater potential and market in the future cloud computing market, but SaaS is also facing new competition, including AWS, a public cloud manufacturer, and Oracle cloud, which has been clamoring to kill AWS

Angela eager, an analyst at techmarketview, said: salesforce should be able to maintain a high level of growth and continuously improve its commitment and reputation in the field of technology development. Of course, it is also exciting to see that it can always maintain a positive profitability

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