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Selling ancestral industries and reducing shares should not be missed last week

last week, Ge, a large American manufacturer, acted a lot. Not only did it restructure its business, it announced that it would sign a sales contract for the U.S. lighting business in the near future and completely withdraw from its ancestral lighting business, but it also cooperated with Nokia to help Canada build a smart city

last week, big American factories acted a lot. Not only did it restructure its business, it announced that it would sign a sales contract for the U.S. lighting business in the near future and completely withdraw from its ancestral lighting business, but it also cooperated with Nokia to help Canada build a smart city

at the same time, important shareholders of LianJian optoelectronics and other enterprises reduced their shares for different reasons. BOE, Samsung and other enterprises have paid close attention to OLED, microled and other technologies, and continue to promote them in depth and make extensive layout. All enterprises lock in their own development goals and spare no effort to fight in the industry

in addition to these and the corporate capital dynamics covered by the weekly data released on Saturday, let's take a look at what other major events happened in the industry last week

company trends - overview of changes inside and outside the enterprise

1 According to foreign media reports, Nokia is working with GE's current to bring cutting-edge smart city technology to Canadian cities, help improve operational infrastructure and provide new services to citizens

2. China's panel giant BOE again announced a large OLED order aimed at Apple. It is said that the yield rate of Chengdu factory is close to the mass production standard, and supply is expected to start as soon as 2020

3. Samsung Electronics said it would adopt a "dual track" business strategy to produce quantum light emitting diode (qled) and micro light emitting diode (microled) displays in order to meet the global demand for large-scale TVs

4. Before using the impact testing machine to manipulate the data, Ti, a big manufacturer of BIC, announced that it would start shipping headlights with digital light processing (DLP) in the second half of the year. It was established that the active adjustment headlighting system (ADB) technology that did not operate reliably and stably to the high-end market would be expected to move towards DLP

5. According to Nihon Keizai on July 23, the business restructuring of General Electric (GE) in the United States has entered the final stage. On July 20 local time, it was announced that it would withdraw from Zuye lighting business in 2018

6. Jiawei Co., Ltd. said that the company's ternary solid-state flexible packaging lithium battery has passed the national mandatory inspection, and the situation is true. The energy density of the battery reaches 230wh/kg and the number of cycles reaches 4000

7. Previously, Xiaomi crowdfunding launched a powerful zoom flashlight with a 1000 lumen stepless zoom design. On the 20th, this product was officially mass produced and sold. It is reported that the flashlight adopts imported creexp LHI series light beads

8. Nitride semiconductors, a Japanese UVLED manufacturer, sued rayvio, another UVLED solution company, and its distributor digi keyco4 in the Tokyo District Court. The fixtures equipped with zigzag testing machines should be coated with anti rust oil for storage; RP infringes its Japanese patent, involving the manufacture of UVLED

On September 24, Cree announced the appointment of neillreynolds as chief financial officer (CFO), which took effect on August 27. According to the transition plan announced in June, Reynolds will replace mikemcdevitt at that time

10. On July 24, MuLinSen announced that the name of Jiangxi MuLinSen Lighting Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, was changed to "Ji'an MuLinSen photoelectric Co., Ltd", and other industrial and commercial registration items were not changed

11. Aihua group announced on the evening of July 12 that AI Liyu, the director of the company with a shareholding of 1.75%, plans to reduce his holdings of no more than 1706300 shares by means of centralized bidding transactions in the next six months, accounting for 0.44% of the total share capital of the company

12. LianJian optoelectronics announced that Yao Taiping, the director of the company, plans to reduce the shares of the company by no more than 5900000 shares within 6 months after 15 trading days from the date of this announcement, accounting for 0.96% of the total share capital of the company

13. After Hongli Zhihui and other mainland factories rose to the food market, LED manufacturers in Taiwan, China such as Addison, Lianjia optoelectronics and Yiguang optoelectronics, in order to avoid price cutting competition, switched to the supply chain of European and American automakers to provide LED automotive lighting products

14. A few days ago, lginnotek (LG enot) filed a patent infringement lawsuit against evercreat, an American manufacturer of naildryers, and began to strengthen the protection of UVLED technology

direct attack on the cutting edge - capture the industry technology wind

1 Next year, Samsung will launch thewallluxury, a high-end micro TV for ordinary home users, which is only 3 cm thick

shay announced the launch of two new automotive grade surface mount power indicator LED series products, vlmx335xx and vlmx235xx, using plcc-2 and ultra small size miniled packages

3. Recently, the lighting company ellumi launched a LED lamp, which is said to eliminate bacteria and mold in the home

4. The project of "technology and application of ultra high power and high optical density multispectral special LED light source" jointly applied by xiongdaxi team of optical health center of Suzhou Institute of medical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Suzhou Keyi Semiconductor Co., Ltd. won the first prize of the invention award of meeting the requirements of stretching, contracting and zigzag tests by the Chinese Academy of optical engineering

5. Researchers will develop a device that can produce multiple light waves. In the design of the device, microledarray or waveguide technology may be used to guide the light generated by optical fibers to stimulate neurons through light

6. Recently, the research team of King Abdullah University of science and Technology (kaust) in Saudi Arabia has developed nano aluminum gallium nitride (AlGaN) light-emitting devices

urban Starlight - the latest trends in lighting applications

1 It is reported that from June to September this year, Jingzhou will transform and upgrade 8000 street lamps in the central urban area, and the traditional sodium lamps will be replaced with LED energy-saving lamps

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