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On September 16, 2012, creative decoration from Beijing officially settled in Wuhan, bringing the new home decoration package service and decoration standards to Jiangcheng people. One stop full industry chain service saves time, effort and worry! Through alliance with upstream main material merchants, through group procurement, unified transportation, direct sales, and abandoning many cost links such as intermediate distributors and retailers, store rent, manpower, etc., creative decoration not only reduces the hardship of consumers running in the building materials market, but also reduces the cost compared with the building materials market and store purchase. It is for this reason that home decoration enterprises stand on the perspective of consumers and save trouble and money, It has been unanimously recognized by the majority of consumers. Creating decoration is the common choice of tens of thousands of owners every year

on November 17, a year-end decoration war that has been brewing for a long time has quietly kicked off. Wuhan creative decoration will hold the activity of "securing the model room in 2013". This activity will give you priority to experience the six privileges and five services, and elite designers will give advice for your family one-on-one. At the same time, you can also enjoy value-added gifts: umbrellas and gift bags will be sent when you enter the store, and you will enjoy a 70% discount on the design fee, free process upgrade gift bags, and so on! Quality new home, practical guarantee

event time: November 17

event address: 2/F, phase II, Zhongnan international city, No. 442, Wuluo Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

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