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Chunzhiyuan diatom mud is very good. Its main ingredients are high-quality diatomite from Changbai Mountain. It is the leading high-quality diatom mud in the diatom mud industry, and it is also one of the top ten brands of diatom mud in China. The formaldehyde can be removed after the standard test of the national authority

diatom mud not only has a natural and simple texture, but also has the function of adjusting humidity and purifying the air. It can absorb and decompose harmful gases in the air to purify the air. Chunzhiyuan diatom mud ranks well among diatom mud brands. Today, let's take a look at chunzhiyuan diatom mud

how about chunzhiyuan diatom mud

chunzhiyuan diatom mud Co., Ltd. is a large comprehensive enterprise integrating diatom mud R & D, production, sales, construction and service, and is one of the top ten brand enterprises of diatom mud

the main components of chunzhiyuan diatom mud are high-quality diatomite from Changbai Mountain. Relying on the strong scientific research advantages of Jilin University, using cutting-edge material technology, we have developed industry-leading high-quality diatom mud. A full set of powder production lines and supporting equipment are introduced from abroad to ensure product quality. According to jc/t1074-2008 standard, the formaldehyde purification rate is 83.3%

chunzhiyuan diatom mud has successfully developed a variety of series products by improving the formula of diatom mud and developing unique construction technology, breaking through the shortcomings of traditional diatom mud in artistic expression. At present, there are four series: flat coating series, texture series, chunzhiyuan color card, diatom jewelry series

benefits of diatom mud

first, eliminate formaldehyde, which is unique to diatom mud “ Molecular sieve ”, The newly decorated floors, sofas, furniture and other harmful substances such as free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon and TVOC are absorbed, decomposed and eliminated by tens of thousands of small holes opened by diatom mud, which solves the current indoor pollution problem that seriously puzzles the home

second, deodorizing and deodorizing diatom mud can remove all kinds of odors produced by indoor environmental pollution, such as fish odor, pet odor and smoke, and can always keep the indoor air fresh

third, improve sleep. Diatom mud can release 1869 negative oxygen ions per square centimeter per second. Negative oxygen ions float around in the air, making the room as fresh as nature. In addition, diatom mud can also release far-infrared rays, which can effectively regulate human microcirculation and improve people's sleep quality

IV. the humidity control function of diatom mud is 4~6 times that of long charcoal and bamboo charcoal

v. the microporous structure of thermal insulation and energy-saving diatom mud leads to its low thermal conductivity, and its thermal insulation performance is more than 6 times higher than that of cement and mortar, which greatly saves electric energy and heating costs

how does chunzhiyuan diatom mud solve the shortcomings of diatom mud

first, diatom mud cannot completely remove formaldehyde and air pollution

chunzhiyuan diatom mud can effectively inhale air pollution particles and decompose these harmful substances through the characteristics of diatom mud

second, diatom mud is not easy to take care of and clean.

diatom mud is not waterproof material after all. Diatom mud has the function of absorbing water and harmful substances, but it is not easy to absorb large particles of dust, so there will be no more dust on the diatom mud wall. Like ordinary walls, it can be easily swept away with a dry cloth or a brush on a regular basis. Any wall is treated in the same way if it is contaminated with dirt, and it can be filled after removing the dirt

III. poor hand feel and single style

chunzhiyuan diatom mud has developed a variety of styles, whether spraying or flat coating, as long as you want to get the effect, chunzhiyuan diatom mud can help you do it. It can be as rich in colors, active colors and changeable shapes as wallpaper

summary: the above is the content of chunzhiyuan diatom mud method introduced by the editor. I hope it can effectively help you. Please pay attention to more information





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