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This era is an era that pays attention to the quality of life. The whole wood customized home has won the love of more and more audiences with its own advantages, which has become an inevitable trend of development in the future. The integrated service from design to construction and decoration of the whole wood customized home ensures the complete unity of the home environment in function, science and art. If you want to have an in-depth understanding of the whole wood customization home, you might as well first understand what changes the whole wood customization has brought to the home life

feature 1: personalized

the biggest feature of the whole wood customized home is personalized design, which can customize special functions according to the taste, size, color, etc. of the residents. The functions of different home products complement each other until they fully meet the needs of the owner and bring maximum convenience to the owner's home life

feature 2: integrated

the whole wood customized home can well solve the overall space decoration of the room. The customized overall space solution can not only be designed and customized according to the site size, but also ensure the consistency of the indoor overall decoration style. In addition, artistic design and exquisite production technology can also create a personalized room to highlight the owner's taste of home life

feature 3: healthy

now people pay attention to health and environmental protection, and the whole wood customized home can just meet this demand. The whole wood customized home can choose more environmentally friendly and more suitable materials according to the requirements of customers. It is suggested that villa owners choose European standard E0 multi-layer solid wood and water-based paint, so that they no longer have to worry about the damage of formaldehyde and radiation

feature 4: safety

but all experienced whole wood custom home furnishing factories will have senior designers and installers, who have served in the fixed home furnishing industry for at least 6 years. The whole process tracking service of the project enables the designer's plan to be safely implemented. From measurement, deepening, production and installation, every link is guaranteed to be accurate, so that you can enjoy a safe home environment

feature 5: comfort

in the process of whole wood customization, it strictly follows the principles of ergonomics, ergonomics and engineering materials, and highlights the cultural concept of "people-oriented" in whole wood customized home, so that people can feel the comfortable life brought by science from zero distance

feature 6: aesthetics

the whole wood customized home not only pays attention to health and practicality, but also improves the appearance of people's home environment. The whole wood customized home provides people with a perfect space solution, which brings comfort, more beauty and practicality. At the same time, the whole wood customized home reflects the residents' choice of life form and quality

at present, the whole wood customized home has become the general trend of modern home decoration. Among many brands, why can tree life stand out and take the lead in the industry? Tree life refuses blind imitation and plagiarism, creates a personalized home environment for different consumer needs, and creates a fashionable, romantic, healthy, environmental friendly, simple and comfortable home living environment for the majority of consumers with solid wood customization features and brand-new product design concepts. Tree ・ life whole wood customized home is not only the interpretation of lifestyle, but also the yearning and pursuit of artistic ideal



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