Perfect workflow and reduce errors in packaging an

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Perfect workflow and reduce errors in packaging and transportation

for ThyssenKrupp Budd, reducing errors in packaging and transportation is not only the need to be responsible for customers, but also crucial to the development of the company

every company will pay a different price for mistakes. Sometimes this cost needs to be accurately measured, such as the sharp decline in sales; Sometimes this price may be more subtle and less perceptible, such as the unknowingly lack of consistent good reputation. Suppose there is such a situation: a company has a mistake, and before this mistake is corrected, the company will produce huge economic losses every minute, which will inevitably make the enterprise highly nervous. There was a time when ThyssenKrupp Budd, an auto parts manufacturer, faced this situation every day

ThyssenKrupp Budd is subordinate to ThyssenKrupp automotive company of Germany, one of the world's largest auto parts suppliers. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA, it operates 30 factories in North America. ThyssenKrupp Budd designs and produces parts for more than 100 motor vehicles, has 11000 employees and an annual revenue of more than $2.5 billion

challenge and response

the research of automobile manufacturers shows that the error in the transportation of parts is the main reason for the interruption of assembly line. Therefore, automobile manufacturers often warn suppliers that the mistake of labels will lead to serious consequences after the misunderstanding of replenishment before the centralized festival in January and February this week, and even lead to the shutdown of the whole production line

ThyssenKrupp Budd produces different parts at different plants in North Baltimore, Ohio. Two parts with similar shapes but different functions will be produced in two places at a distance of 15m, so it is unlikely to mix them together. However, after casting, these parts will be concentrated with other parts to the paint production line, painted with the same color and baked. This greatly increases the possibility of errors

ThyssenKrupp Budd has been strongly aware of the importance of maintaining this accuracy before the accurate operation of the transportation link. Therefore, they chose the technical solution of INTERMEC and its partner toolworx information products to keep the transportation from going wrong

the advanced ITM solutions provided by INTERMEC, namely automatic data acquisition (identify), item tracking (track) and item management (manage) solutions, are widely used in the world. In the early years, INTERMEC invented the most widely used 39 code bar code technology in the world. Today, as the world's leading developer, producer and integrator of automatic data acquisition, item tracking and item management products and solutions, INTERMEC's bar code scanner equipment, mobilelantm wireless local and wide area data acquisition equipment, intellitag RFID, bar code printer and consumables have long been famous. Especially in the field of RFID, INTERMEC with many key patent technologies is playing an important role. From supply chain management, enterprise resource planning to on-site sales and service, people can easily find INTERMEC

Mr. ed Weber, vice president of sales and marketing of

toolworx, believes that the solution to this problem is very simple. He believes that "if the correct bar code label is pasted on the first part at the beginning, it can be accurately scanned and tracked in all links thereafter. As long as the parts are marked, error prevention and traceability can be realized smoothly."

INTERMEC's solution

toolpdlla forms a random copolymer Worx due to the random dispersion of L – La and D – la. Its software is installed in INTERMEC's easycoder f4ci barcode printer to become a toolworx programmable logic controller (twplc) printer. The intelligent printer comes with an industrial panel and an internal computer programmed with fingerprint language, completely eliminating the mode that requires a separate personal computer to drive the printer

in the manufacturing process, the programmable logic controller is a small computer installed inside the parts processing machine to control the operation of the machine. Twplc printer can be directly inserted into the parts processing machine. In the process of punching or casting each part, the processing machine will send a digital signal to the twplc printer, and the twplc printer can know the part number corresponding to each signal through the program, so as to print the bar code label matching each part

Weber commented: "in the whole process, there is no PC, no keyboard, no need to access the network to enter any program, let alone speculation and estimation. Everything is completed by a printer. Moreover, the printer is convenient and easy to carry. Workers can pull out the printer and take it to any place they need. The only requirement is that there should be a 110V power socket and a connection port with PLC nearby."

when the parts leave the production line, the workers will affix the label just printed on it. Each label is manufactured separately according to the command language sent by the part manufacturing machine. After each part is properly labeled, these newly cast parts can be transferred across the factory and mixed with other parts with similar shape, because their differences will be reflected on the label

the most frequent place for parts and components is the painting production line. For example, a large number of engine covers need to be painted here and baked in a baking oven. INTERMEC's heat-resistant label can be fixed on parts and can withstand a high temperature of 325 ℃

in the finished workshop, all parts are packed into boxes and waiting for delivery. The bar code label on each part is first scanned by the intermec1552 wireless scanner to prevent oil leakage. Workers can scan labels while walking freely in the workshop, and can scan bar code labels 15m away from the intermec9745c base station. The scanner and the base station constitute the wireless local area network of INTERMEC and work through the 2.4GHz wireless frequency. Each base station can accommodate 9 scanners working at the same time

after each scan, the information on the barcode label will be transmitted to the SAP R/3 system of ThyssenKrupp Budd through wireless devices. When a certain number of the same parts are packaged, the software kit provided by toolworx, namely loftware, will connect with SAP R/3 system and transmit the information to INTERMEC easycoder 3400e or 3600 label printer, so as to print the transportation label. In sharp contrast, all transportation labels were printed in batches before, and then the workers pasted the corresponding labels into the correct containers

Scott stemen, a quality control manager at ThyssenKrupp Budd, said: "we verify not only the part number, but also the number of parts. If someone makes a scan error, the system will send a visual alarm and reflect it on the computer monitor."

stemen believes that the biggest benefit brought by INTERMEC's intelligent printing system is customer satisfaction. Whether this system is installed or not becomes the decisive factor for customers to choose between two suppliers with the same quotation

in China, INTERMEC ITM solution has already entered various industries, especially playing a great role in the construction of logistics supply chain: the whole process from manufacturers to transportation service providers, wholesalers, retailers and customers adopts INTERMEC's automatic data acquisition and mobile computing solution to varying degrees; At every key point of business activities, such as manufacturing origin warehouse, shipping dock, truck, store, manager and client, INTERMEC's ITM products and solutions are everywhere: it connects the movement of people and goods with real-time information, provides customers with real-time collection of production information at the production operation point, real-time tracking of goods, and real-time management of mobile goods, effectively improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs, Optimize workflow, improve customer satisfaction and sales level. All this reduces the operating costs of users and enhances the competitive advantage of enterprise users. The concept of ITM automatic data acquisition and item tracking management of INTERMEC timely and effectively combines products, managers, space and time to realize the transparent, accurate and efficient management of data

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