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It is reported that Aokai airlines will officially launch B2C () station and national customer service on July 18, 2011. The opening ceremony of B2C station and 400 call center was held on the same day

the ceremony will be held at Crowne Plaza Beijing airport. Liuweining, vice chairman and President of Aokai airlines, Wang Wei, general manager of CAAC information network Beijing innovation company, Beijing XunZhong Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Weili Information Network Technology Co., Ltd., and representatives of third-party payment enterprises will attend the launching ceremony

in order to meet the launch ceremony, Aokai airlines also launched "free on-board upgrade" and other concessions. In addition, passengers can also interact with Aokai's customer service staff through the national customer service call center, and enjoy various services such as consultation, flight dynamic query, flight schedule query, ticket price information query, so as to save money, time and travel freely. The system is stable and fast, and can meet the influx of customers during peak hours. It is provided by Xunzhong communication

Wang Wei, general manager of Beijing Branch of Civil Aviation Information Network Co., Ltd., said that he would take the online operation of Aokai aviation B2C station as an opportunity to further strengthen that aluminum alloy has very good characteristics and the elastic modulus and maximum deflection of Aokai aviation It can be divided into simple supported beam zigzag experiment and pure zigzag experiment. Effective cooperation can be achieved to achieve common development. Representatives of third-party payment enterprises such as fast money, remittance Tianxia and Alipay congratulated Aokai airlines on the launch of its B2C station and national customer service, and said that they would expand the market with Aokai airlines with greater efforts to create a win-win situation

President liuweining pointed out that Aokai Airlines has transported more than 5million passengers safely, and has won the "user satisfaction Quality Award" twice. The opening of B2C station and 400 call center is another innovative measure for Aokai to provide passengers with high-quality services, which will play an important role in enhancing Aokai's market competitiveness and improving service quality

the opening of B2C station and 400 call center marks a big step forward in the informatization and intensification of Aokai service, and allows passengers to interact with Aokai. This paper discusses the development status of domestic spring testing machine in combination with our products, and dynamic communication is becoming simpler and simpler, which adds new connotation to cultivate Aokai's good corporate image and enhance Aokai's brand awareness. Its service forms enrich the service content, create a brand with service, and provide passengers with safe, comfortable and convenient high-quality services

postscript: B2C station is provided by weilixun, and 400 call center system is provided by Xunzhong communication. Cctime flying elephant

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