Top 10 printing ink manufacturers in North America

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In recent years, the printing ink industry in North America is facing many challenges in key sub sectors such as composite wall around flexible battery technology, flexible lighting technology, flexible circuit and sensing technology, flexible display technology, flexible neuromorphological devices and systems. Every ink manufacturer has seen that with the rise of oil prices, the price of raw materials has never stopped changing. Although when the oil price stabilized, the price of ink ingredients also rose driven by relevant factors

the global economic crisis has had a significant negative impact on the printing industry ≤ 500mm 1, especially in the field of publishing and commercial printing, and even the inkjet market, which has maintained a growth trend, has been eroded, resulting in the reduction of enterprises' investment behavior. The most critical part is that in 2011, with the gradual improvement of the economic situation and the stabilization of raw material prices, the sales volume of ink manufacturers increased to varying degrees

although the ink sales have not recovered to the level before the crisis, the sales of thermosetting ink and newspaper printing ink may never return to the past, and the efficiency of ink manufacturers has not increased significantly. However, there was still growth in some areas, and industry leaders expressed optimism about 2012

at the same time, this optimism is also affected, especially from the crude oil market. With the tension of the middle east trend, the international crude oil price rose again, from $80/barrel in August 2011 to $108/barrel. At present, the hydraulic universal testing machines produced by StarTech mainly include: digital hydraulic universal testing machine, screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine. The price of raw materials and transportation costs will also have to increase

it is unrealistic to predict the future price of raw materials. What printing ink manufacturers can guarantee is adequate supply, efforts to reduce costs, and research and development of new products. 2012 seems to be full of many insurmountable challenges again

list of top 20 printing ink manufacturers in North America (the following figures are estimated by ink world):

1. Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical's annual sales of global printing inks and colorants are $3.5 billion, of which the North American market is about $1.5 billion

2. The global sales volume of Flint Group in 2011 was $2.2 billion, and that of North America was $1 billion

3. Inxinternationalinkco

sales volume in North America is $335 million

4, siegwerknafta

sales volume in North America is $260 million

5, cr/t

sales volume in North America is $235 million

6, dupont

sales volume in North America is $160 million

7, wikoffcolorcorporation

sales volume in North America is $155 million

8, hostmann-steinberg

sales volume in North America is $150million

9 Sanchezsadecv

the global market is US $172 million, North America is US $142million

10, toyoinkamerica (LLC)

North America is US $102 million

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