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Aspect CXP 17 enhances the extraordinary self-service experience of the contact center

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum (May 25) (compiled/Lao Qin): for a long time, connecting and measuring its size and other data centers has been the laughing stock of many jokes, however, times are changing. This is a new day for customer service; As chat robots, natural language understanding (NLU) and artificial intelligence (AI) are new green products, labor optimization and other emerging technology innovations, the contact center is the bridgehead of excellent customer service - at least in appropriate places

aspect software, a leader in the cloud contact center field, announced the arrival of CXP 17, which enables developers to enhance the extraordinary self-service experience in the contact center, and easily create processes and maintain a modern IVR, chat robot, and so on

interesting fact: research shows that when they can solve problems without talking to others, more than 60% of consumers have a good feeling about themselves and the enterprise they choose. This trend of self-service is not a fad. In terms of customer service seats, more than 60% of those who cannot operate too fast believe that the implementation of self-service enables them to focus on solving complex customer service problems

in the new version, some key added functions include: when customers transfer from one channel to another, maintaining the context of self-service, integrating the function of supporting spelling error correction in NLU, advanced support for language pattern matching, and full support for extracting and detecting common data types, such as location, currency value, time, number, date, so as to realize internal and external non segmentation and more types

whether through self-help chat robots, modern IVR interaction or assisted experience, aspect's task is to design technology to make it very simple and effective for enterprises to contact customers, said Jim freeze, chief marketing officer of aspect software. The latest CXP enables developers and designers to quickly and easily create customer-friendly self-service applications for consumers that they want to use. These applications are suitable for the channels that customers choose, such as text, Facebook messenger or messaging apps, as well as IVR

for many years, the slogan of Burger King is to do it your own way. When it can help franchises sell millions of dollars of flaming burgers, the contact center finally begins to understand how to provide customers with the service they want -- in the way they want. The omni channel approach offers options that are simple and straightforward. Based on this research, self-service is what people want. I'd say it's time for them

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