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Xugong overseas shows the world China's "worker" husband

Xugong overseas shows the world China's "worker" husband

information on China's construction machinery

Guide: Recently, a blockbuster has attracted strong attention in the field of global construction machinery. China Xugong Group successfully acquired Germany's schweiying group. XCMG is a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, and schweiying is a world-famous leader in complete sets of concrete equipment. XCMG holding Shi Weiying, the international influence is extraordinary

recently, a blockbuster has attracted strong attention in the field of global construction machinery. China XCMG successfully acquired Germany schweiying group

XCMG is a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, and schweiying is a world-famous leader in complete concrete equipment. XCMG holding Shi Weiying has extraordinary international influence

"XCMG group has been established for 22 years. At first, its products and people went out. In recent years, its manufacturing base has gone out. Now it is a big acquisition of large foreign companies. XCMG's internationalization has achieved a beautiful three-level jump." Said Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of XCMG group

in the first quarter of this year, under the situation of the downturn of the global construction machinery industry, the slowdown of domestic economic growth and sluggish exports, XCMG bucked the trend and achieved export earnings of $319 million, an increase of 44% year-on-year

XCMG's "internationalization" trial has begun long before the establishment of the group. At that time, it was mainly the export of national foreign aid products. After the establishment of the group in 1989, the self operated export of enterprises has been increasing, but it is mainly developing countries such as Southeast Asia and Africa. All secondary companies have the right to export and fight their own battles. It is difficult to regulate the price, quality and delivery time

in July 1997, with the approval of the Ministry of foreign economic cooperation, Xuzhou shengzuo Demonstration Experimental Engineering Machinery Group Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established to unify the export and international procurement business of the whole group. XCMG's internationalization, focusing on product export, began on the right track. The next year, XCMG import and Export Corporation achieved exports of more than 20million US dollars, ranking first in the domestic industry

but the way to export and at the same time study the regulation method of the structure and physicochemical properties of carbon dioxide based plastics is not smooth. In the mid-1990s, XCMG exported two 16 ton truck cranes to the United States, which was the first time XCMG products entered the market of developed countries. The whole enterprise was elated and held a grand departure ceremony like "marrying a woman". However, after more than 50 days of sea turbulence, when they arrived at the other side of the ocean, everyone was stunned. Due to the erosion of sea water and sea breeze, the paint of the crane was seriously peeled off. The American staff did not believe that it was a new car and asked to return it immediately

learn from the bitter experience, a quality centered reflection was launched in XCMG. The implementation of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO10012 and other international standards has also been fully implemented within the enterprise. The quality management and assurance ability has been continuously improved, and a standardized, scientific and standardized work system for quality, environment, occupational health and safety and measurement management has been established

at present, all XCMG's internal enterprises have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and 22 leading products, such as truck cranes, loaders, rollers, graders, have passed the EU CE certification, the American SAE standard and the Russian gost certification, and have obtained the pass of the foreign market

with the continuous expansion of the overseas market scale, XCMG's overseas marketing system and service system are also constantly strengthened. At present, XCMG has established 15 overseas offices around the world, a large number of XCMG business and service personnel are active all over the world, and has developed more than 100 overseas XCMG agents. Spare parts centers in Poland, Kazakhstan, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and other regions have been put into use, effectively solving the bottleneck of after-sales service and spare parts supply

on March 12, 1992, the five-star red flag was raised for the first time at the 23rd Munich International Construction Machinery Expo, known as the "construction machinery Olympics", and Chinese construction machinery enterprises represented by XCMG group appeared at the international top-level Expo

with this as a symbol, Chinese construction machinery enterprises have officially stepped on the international stage and competed with global rivals

at present, XCMG products have been sold to 147 countries and regions in the world. Last year, it achieved export earnings of US $1.086 billion, an increase of 125% year-on-year, becoming the first enterprise in China's construction machinery industry to export more than US $1 billion. It also won a US $740 million export project to Venezuela at one stroke, which is known as the largest export order of China's construction machinery. XCMG products can be seen in both national key foreign aid projects and landmark construction sites around the world. XCMG, with its own technical strength, has occupied a place in the world construction machinery market and made positive contributions to Chinese manufacturing enterprises to the world

layout XCMG's "internationalization" has a firm foothold

like the global layout in the military sense, an enterprise must have a strong overseas base as a support if it wants to occupy the international market

as early as September 2007, XCMG broke ground on the assembly plant in Poland and officially put into use in March 2009, which is XCMG's first attempt in overseas layout and industrialization. The building area of the plant is 5000 square meters, which is mainly used to assemble XCMG loaders, rollers, graders and other products. After the completion of the plant, it is of great significance for XCMG to expand its market share in Europe and improve the competitiveness of its products

on May 17, 2011, the signing ceremony of XCMG Brazil Industrial Park project with an investment of US $200million was grandly held in bausso, Brazil. Odia, the representative of the president of Brazil and vice speaker of the federal house of Representatives, and Wang Min, chairman of XCMG, and other government and enterprise guests gathered. With a construction area of 800000 square meters, the park will build XCMG's first overseas complete set of construction machinery manufacturing base, and is also by far the largest investment project of Chinese industrial enterprises in Brazil. It is estimated that the output of the industrial park will reach 600million US dollars by 2015

as one of XCMG's important overseas markets, Brazil has the advantages of timing and location, as well as the advantages of radiating and driving the development of surrounding markets. At present, XCMG has more than 3000 construction machinery and equipment in the Brazilian market, and exported 120million US dollars to Brazil in 2010 alone

"building manufacturing bases overseas, making full use of local resources and technology, using local employees, and distributing foreign markets closer is XCMG's second step strategy to go global." Wang Min said

At present, XCMG group is paying close attention to the implementation of the strategic layout of global operation. By studying the global market, dividing marketing regions, and gradually establishing overseas companies and factories in various regions of the world, XCMG's Eastern European manufacturing base, Indian manufacturing base, South African manufacturing base, Indonesian manufacturing base and other overseas industrial projects are about to be implemented, laying an important chess piece for enterprises to win the international battle in the 21st century

global mergers and acquisitions XCMG "internationalization" dominates the world

in recent years, when the European and American economies are in crisis and recession, XCMG executives have a keen insight that the time has come for Chinese enterprises to really go global. This time, XCMG aims at its multinational counterparts

in 2011, XCMG made a small attempt to acquire AMCA Co., Ltd. of the Netherlands and FT Company of Germany, two European enterprises that developed and manufactured basic parts, and extended its reach to the field of high-end parts

based on these two European companies, XCMG European Research Institute began to build, and XCMG has a new platform in attracting overseas high-end technical talents

in April this year, XCMG won the German schweiying company, a famous global concrete machinery company. And this was still unimaginable in previous years. Both at home and abroad exclaimed that increasingly powerful Chinese enterprises will blow a whirlwind of mergers and acquisitions around the world

as we all know, Germany is a powerful country with a long history of machinery manufacturing, leading technology and rich patents. Buffered device: equipped with a buffer device to avoid damaging the impact surface of the falling hammer, schweiying company, which has a history of 78 years, was once known as the "leader" of the global concrete complete equipment. Founded in 1934, the company is headquartered in hern, Germany, and has established production bases in the United States, Germany, Austria, India, Brazil, China and other countries and regions. It has its own sales and after-sales service centers in France, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, Sweden, South Korea and other places. At the same time, it also has agent teams from more than 100 countries. The company's main businesses include concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer truck, concrete pump and concrete recycling station. With advanced product line width and product technology, it is the world's top provider of concrete machinery and equipment production and transportation solutions

taking Shi Weiying will substantially improve the concrete machinery business, one of XCMG's core sectors, and further consolidate XCMG's leading position in the domestic industry. It not only shows the courage and confidence of XCMG group to adhere to the "going out", but also shows that XCMG has the ability and strength to win respect and favor in the global market, and marks another solid step in the internationalization process of Chinese enterprises

100 billion yuan, international and world-class, which is the corporate vision familiar to every XCMG employee. XCMG has grown rapidly from a humble "little brother" with an operating income of only 380million yuan in the early years of its establishment to an industry giant with an annual sales scale of more than 87billion yuan, ranking seventh in the world

XCMG's goal is to have an operating income of more than 300billion yuan in 2015, enter the "top three" in the global construction machinery industry, and become a world-famous, internationally competitive and proud world-class enterprise

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