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ATM counterfeit money for real money—— Yanxiang special computer refuses to provide "service"

recently, there is a myth of "instant wealth" circulating in the upper class. A friend claimed that "through the ATM, counterfeit money can be exchanged for real hundred yuan bills." The "operation process" described above is as follows: withdraw 1000 yuan from the ATM. When the ATM spits out a bill, take a real bill from it, and then put a fake bill in it. After the operation is cancelled, the ATM will take back the "1000 yuan" with this fake bill. At this time, the so-called fake money is successfully replaced with real money

however, this is not the case. There have been special experiments. According to the above "operation process", when the bank ATM takes back the money, it will automatically return the counterfeit money put in later; Facts proved the falseness of this rumor. From a purely technical point of view, the so-called "counterfeit money for real money" is actually impossible

the core control components inside the bank ATM belong to the work scope of special computers. According to the introduction of the technical expert of Yanxiang intelligent company, the largest domestic special computer R & D manufacturer, who is specially responsible for the research and development of ATM terminal control products, in the 15 years since the establishment of Yanxiang company, countless special computers embedded in ATM terminal control have been sold, and there has never been a similar case, Among all bank ATMs in the country, more than 50% use Yanxiang special computers! Experts introduced in detail the application of special computers in the ATM machine with an average value of no less than the system. After understanding this process, they understood the absurdity and nihilism of this "myth of getting rich"

atm machine is responsible for identifying and entering and leaving banknotes, which is called the banknote distribution sensor, which is mainly responsible for verifying the authenticity of banknotes; In addition, there are related monitors and alarms. The realization of these functional instructions is realized by the special computer that is mainly responsible for data control. The banknote detection sensor transmits the identification signal to the control terminal, and the terminal sends instructions according to 7. Remove the sample information. If the banknote fails to pass the verification, it cannot be stored in the machine at all. In the ATM machine using Yanxiang special computer, the identification parameters of counterfeit banknotes have reached hundreds, and the scientific and technological content has reached the world's leading level. The level of its anti-counterfeiting technical parameters is very high, and the deposit of the ATM machine maintains a high identification rate. At the same time, in terms of video monitoring of ATM machine, it is equipped with perfect self-service control equipment, which can effectively record the situation of depositor's account number and cash outlet, clearly record the every move of the operator, and store it with a special computer. When a major security accident occurs, it can also be timely connected with the alarm system, which has the role of assisting in detecting and deterring crimes

not only that, now some criminals use high-tech to counterfeit money and fake the anti-counterfeiting technical parameters of banknotes by splicing means, so that some automatic teller machines mistakenly recognize them as real banknotes, deposit the currency into ATMs, and transfer the deposit data to the criminals' accounts. This kind of crime usually occurs in ATM machines with relatively backward technology and equipment, and the update and maintenance of the software and hardware of the equipment are not done in place. The technology of Yanxiang special computer has always been in the lead in the world after the jaws are tightened, fundamentally eliminating the intelligent theft that makes all electronic devices in a heated state. Therefore, this situation will never happen on ATM machines that use Yanxiang special computers

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