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Leading AI companies may not always be ahead of AI, facing the wave of change

on the evening of November 8, during the fifth World Internet Conference, easy technology, easy intelligence and easy East China under easy media held a "see the future" cafe to discuss issues around "AI and the future of the industry"

Wuzhen, the future, November 9 (Yang Peiying) - in early winter, the Millennium ancient town once again ushered in its highlight moment. All Internet celebrities were present to talk about the development of the industry and the new trends of future science and technology

the continuous iteration of new technologies has brought new opportunities to the development of interconnection. On the evening of November 8, during the 5th World Internet Conference, E-TECH, E-SMART and e-huadong under e-media held a "foresee the future" cafe to discuss topics around "AI and the future of the industry"

Academician Wu Hequan: artificial intelligence will not replace people, but make people smarter and work hard.

Academician Wu Hequan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering attended the 2018 Yiwu town cafe and delivered a speech entitled "AI and the times"

Academician Wu Hequan expressed two views on the future development of Internet. On the one hand, although the e-commerce in China's consumer Internet has taken the lead, there is still a lot of room to be explored in education, pension and tourism on the consumer Internet, and the artificial intelligence of agriculture is also a good scene

on the other hand, new technologies will bring changes to the development of Internet. "It is difficult for us to accurately describe the future of the Internet, but we really need to usher in the era of artificial intelligence." Wu Hequan expressed his bright expectations for the future of AI

but at the same time, Wu Hequan believes that many AI companies in society are still accumulating experience. When it comes to "Ai", people are still doing it. It must be admitted that AI is still in its infancy

he warned AI practitioners, "don't think that AI companies that are now in the front can always be in the front. AI has stable performance and solid technology, which is still a long way from our feelings. This is also an opportunity for enterprises."

as for the relationship between artificial intelligence and people, Wu Hequan said that the future of artificial intelligence is not to replace human intelligence, but to force people to be smarter and work harder. Now people compete with each other, and there will be machines competing with people in the future. Without fast-paced competition, society will not progress. This competition is a challenge, but people will not progress without challenges. People should embrace this challenge

Zhou Feng, CEO of Yi Youdao: AI has brought a huge market space to machine translation

when the consumption of CPE is more than 40, Zhou Feng, senior vice president of Yi and CEO of Yi Youdao also delivered a speech, describing the future development of AI and language translation

Zhou Feng said that Yi Youdao has been doing translation business for ten years. In the past few years, due to the neural network translation, the quality of translation has been greatly improved, and Youdao's business has also developed rapidly. In April this year, Yi Youdao completed its first strategic financing, with a post investment valuation of $1.1 billion

at the scene, Zhou Feng introduced the Youdao translator project. He said that at present, the shipment volume of the first and second generation products has reached more than 100000 units. The second generation products are small and light, and begin to support offline translation, which can stand by for six days. Zhou Feng believes that the translation machine market has just begun, and Internet companies have great opportunities to make hardware products, but they also face many challenges due to the lack of channels, ways of thinking and technology

from a market perspective, Zhou Feng believes that machine translation has a lot of market space. As long as the technology is in place, it will quickly speed up the translation scene. Youdao will pay attention to high value-added translation scenes, and then continue to deeply polish the technology. "In short, basic theoretical research plays a decisive role in the improvement of translation." Zhou Feng said

ai must be combined with hardware to land

next, cafe in Yiwu town entered the round table discussion. Zhao Feng, vice president and CTO of Haier Group, Yan Shuicheng, vice president of 360 group and President of 360 Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Yu Zhichen, founder and CEO of Turing robot, and Chen Jisheng, President of yunzhisheng innovation division, held a round table discussion around the topic of "AI and new hardware". AI Cheng, founder and investment partner of AI Wen, presided over the discussion

Yan Shuicheng said, "we have been thinking that the most important hardware that can be connected at all times in the home scene is the router and speaker. The router will always be connected as long as you go home, and the speaker has a microphone. In the home scene, microphones can be arranged in different places, so as to realize all-round voice interaction."

AI technology can help traditional manufacturing industry improve product experience. Zhao Feng said that with the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence, the entire manufacturing industry is undergoing transformation, including the export amount in the first half of this year, which is not very optimistic. Haier has also transformed to the mode of hardware + software + service. Multimodal interaction is a topic of great concern to us. "There are many interactive portals in the family scene that are worth expanding, especially the decision-making portal behind it. Data can be interconnected. The value of this artificial intelligence brain is huge, which is also the next tipping point in the field of household appliances."

in Chen Jisheng's view, hardware is a very difficult business. "If the terminal uses other people's chips, it should be a trading company." Chen Jisheng believes that there are two ways to solve the hardware constraints. One of the options is to build a cloud, provide services without data, and many large enterprises will still give money. The second is to make chips to determine the pricing of customers

facing the competition of large companies, Yu Zhichen believes that we are entering the era of IOT. In the multidimensional world of IOT, traditional PC and data are also the tip of the iceberg, and many companies are white paper. "What business to do with AI technology is the most important. Many directions are worth exploring by start-ups. If a company makes a precise point, there will be a future." Yu Zhichen said

autonomous driving, where is the commercialization scene

then, song liming, CEO of smart walker, Peng Jun, founder and CEO of pony smart, he Xiaofei, founder and CEO of feibu technology, and Wu Qiang, horizon CTO and head of cloud platform, discussed the theme of "the year of autonomous driving", with song liming, CEO of smart walker, as the guest host

for the development of autonomous driving in 2018, Peng Jun believes that there are two biggest changes compared with last year. First, all giant companies are laying out autonomous driving, and all automakers are investing in 2018 or earlier. For example, Ford set up an independent subsidiary with $4billion, which will lead to the depletion of internal logic units. T has a layout in autonomous driving. On the other hand, autonomous driving has begun to promote a certain degree of commercialization. For example, waymo, an autonomous driving company under Google's parent company, has entered the commercialization and mass production of automation

from a technical point of view, he Xiaofei said that autonomous driving is still in its early stage, and many of our technical routes are different. For example, Tesla resolutely does not use lidar, and Mobileye only uses cameras. I think it will be the same in the next year, and then there will be a relatively unified route. "Therefore, feibu technology mainly cuts in through freight for driverless driving. This track may go faster in driverless driving."

hexiaofei believes that there are three barriers to driverless driving: the first is software system, including perception and control; The second is hardware chip; The third is the sensor, and the chip is one of the three core competitiveness of driverless, which is also what feibu technology, a start-up company, has bet on from the beginning

in terms of commercialization, Wu Qiang believes that the commercialization of autonomous driving must be a gradual process, but auxiliary driving can be fully implemented in the near future, and the commercialization of driverless driving in special scenarios is imminent

the biggest puzzle of AI industrialization is how to make money

the last round table theme is "AI and the future of the industry", with the participation of Chen Pei, chairman and CEO of zhongsouluo, Zhou Bowen, head of JD AI platform and research department, Huang Dinglong, CEO of macron technology, and Luo Jiangchun, founder and CEO of Beijing list Technology Co., Ltd

Chen Pei believes that the current AI can really stimulate imagination. Many AI projects look very exciting, but the commercialization is a problem, which is the most challenging place in the whole industry at present. "Every wave is full of mud and sand. Artificial intelligence must be a huge wave, which will also produce many foam, in which there are many false demands and false demands." Chen Pei said

Zhou Bowen also said that the artificial intelligence industry is overheating, "I don't want this industry to overdraft. The landing of AI is still too expensive now. When laboratory technology is put into a real scene without boundaries, data collection is a very difficult thing."

Huang Dinglong said that the financing of AI company is good, but making profits is a matter of special concern. Huang Dinglong revealed that he was considering the path of commercialization and liquidation of AI. "It may be a better way to make a case for AI in China, and then push it to regions with high willingness to pay overseas, so as to make profits."

Luo Jiangchun said that the popular puzzle is in the AI of video. Now it is really artificial + intelligence, and the labor cost is very high. At present, it is still weak artificial intelligence, and I feel that artificial intelligence is a very wild state

Author: Yang Peiying: Qu Kaixia

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