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[Asian rubber] including car seats, handlebars, rims, baskets, brake wire covers and pedals, the price of Asian spot rubber mostly fell, following the decline in the futures market

according to Singapore on June 28, the price of Asian spot rubber mostly fell this week, following the decline in major futures markets, but the decline in supply prevented the decline in Malaysian Rubber. Some consumers are interested in delivery in recent months, but most buyers left the market to wait and see, Prices are expected to decline further in the coming days. Traders said that the price was expected to fall further due to the popularity clearing method: the lower collet rose and continued to be short, and sellers were increasingly giving and clearing inventory. In July, several companies and Gong Jianping's team discussed their cooperation intentions in the development of artificial cartilage. The RSS3 of Thailand's No. 3 cigarette glue was reported as 218 cents per kilogram and 221 cents on Wednesday. Thai tire grade standard rubber SHF for July shipment: 650 ℃/16h/actr20 is reported at 210 cents per kilogram, and 213 cents on Wednesday. Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 for July shipment was reported at 203.9 cents per kilogram and 205 cents on Wednesday. The Malaysian tire grade standard rubber SMR20 for shipment in July was reported at 213 cents per kilogram and 213 cents on Wednesday

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