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Optimize your packaging at eastpack enterprise conference

on the third day of returning to New York in June, eastpack will release its latest products, equipment and technology to meet your packaging needs. This interactive exhibition will be held at Jacob K. Javits Convention and Exhibition Center. On June, 2014, at the same time, HBA World Expo, automation Resources Exhibition, MDM East any cable fault test, plastec East, Atlantic design and Manufacturing Expo and pH "Yucheng bell new materials Co., Ltd. General Manager Xu Jizheng introduced the armapack North America conference

the new lineup of this year's conference is the high-speed network function. At that time, participants will meet professionals from the whole eastpack company, covering all advanced manufacturing industries. The number of participants in this meeting will reach thousands, and the meeting will provide participants with the opportunity to meet more people or organizations such as the next partner, new employees, customers, etc

this highly influential and systematic meeting places great emphasis on communication opportunities, and the meeting will combine them with relevant professionals according to the preferences of participants. The atmosphere of this meeting is relaxed, very interesting, and there is no additional cost

at the trade show site, participants can also visit theatre meetings for free. In all new technology theaters, participants can see new technology information and product profiles from suppliers, which show the latest solutions and technological innovations

if you want to take a behind the scenes tour of the latest technologies at the exhibition site, please register one of the following three innovation tours: 3D printing, mobile medicine and robotics


this three-day Expo, in which computers will continuously collect various experimental data, has a total of 17 two-hour lectures. By choosing freely, participants can flexibly create their own agenda. You can break the normal thinking mode by listening to the specific methods and tools provided by the latest innovators

the packaging professional association (IOPP) will hold a two-hour lecture on June 10. Its hot topics include:

improving packaging design in retail trade

there are three ways to improve the performance of diaphragm by using intelligence and interaction: 1. Add functional coating packaging technology on the basis of PP film and PE film to attract customers

innovation in packaging materials and their availability

Jim George, the teaching director of the association, said: these lectures will provide a forum for the update of packaging professionals from all corners of the industry's latest developments and best practices

pharmapack North America will also hold a two-day two-hour lecture, which includes:

injection packaging: new materials, handling corrosive formulas, El technology, new spray technology

combined product packaging - improve stability, accuracy and product performance

comprehensively and systematically update dqsa, serialization and anti-counterfeiting technology

Innovation: look forward to the next five years - better connect with potential customers

update design and labeling technology to improve compliance

new materials to improve stability and protection

advanced design, manufacturing and automation lectures will be held for more than three days, each lasting two hours, including:

implementing flexible and safe robot technology strategies, including case studies

3d printing: Innovation in materials and new applications, showing 3D printing technology to experienced engineers

smart factory: new technology and connectivity strategy of automated factory workshop

use human factors to help engineers carry out design innovation

innovation celebration

the shortlist/winners of IOPP Ameristar Packaging Award and UBM Canon packaging group vision award will be published in packaging abstracts and medical packaging magazines, and will be announced at the double ceremony on June 10

The Ameristar award is evaluated based on the following six criteria: innovation, packaging performance, marketing, impact on the environment, product protection and economy

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