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How to eat the cake of publishing and printing (Part 2) [

we talked about the budget in printing above, and now let's talk about the procurement of materials before printing. Generally, the publishing department has a special purchaser to purchase paper, etc. but as a technology, the printing of a book is in his charge, so he has to care about the procurement of materials. Let's just take paper as an example here, because the printing of books and periodicals is still in the period of strategic opportunities, and now it is mainly paper. Paper First of all, we need to understand the market of paper, understand the market situation of the whole market, and master and judge the quality of paper

first point: how to judge the quality of paper. Even for the same kind of paper, there are great differences, because different paper mills use different pulps and add different proportions of additives, resulting in great differences in paper. Its whiteness, tightness and folding resistance will be different, and the quality of paper is also a very important factor to judge the quality of a book. Imagine if readers buy a Book of the same type, one of which has moderate whiteness, good paper feel, and a sense of weight when held, and the paper of the whole book has no color difference; The paper of another book turns yellow, and the paper in his hand is rough. He feels that it will fall apart at any time. Which one will he choose? In addition, some papers lose powder and wool seriously, which will seriously affect the printing quality and the printing period, and seriously affect the sales of publications. Therefore, how to judge the quality of paper is an essential skill for technology. Only in this way can we grasp the quality of the book itself

second point: understand the type of paper. The paper type mentioned here refers to offset paper, coated paper or art paper, including the characteristics of these papers, because it will be related to whether the paper and the content want to match. Before making a book, you need to know what this book is about? What are the main types? Literary books? Teaching aids? picture album? Or something else? Because each kind of paper has its own characteristics and is suitable for different types. For example, the use of Mengken paper as a literary book will not only make readers feel that the book is thick and worth more, but also protect their eyesight. The key is to make the book look more cultural and have a sense of returning to simplicity. However, teaching aids materials are generally used for only one year or half a year, and the paper is not so good at all, because we all have personal experience. Many teaching aids are bought as waste paper after use, so 60g writing paper or offset paper is almost the same. The exquisite album must use coated paper, and the heavier the weight, the higher the grade. Sometimes only a dozen pages of albums can sell for dozens of yuan. It is also because the use of coated paper not only improves the grade, but also the printing color is more delicate and the color level is richer, which makes people feel that the value for money. Therefore, if the technology can provide good suggestions on what paper to use, it will certainly help the sales of books. If we achieve the above two points, we can only say that we have achieved good results in paper procurement, why not excellent? Because if you want to be excellent in technology, you need to have good market control ability and negotiation skills

third point: good market skills and negotiation skills. The cycle of making a book is long or short, fast or a few months, slow or a year or two. Therefore, the difference between buying paper early and buying paper late depends on the ability of technology to control the paper market. Especially recently, when the paper market fluctuates greatly, which directly affects the cost, coupled with the difficult supply of goods, this is a test of the control of technology over the market. How to order at the lowest price depends on the ability and eloquence of technology. Because sometimes paper salesmen will hoard or withhold in another way. For example, for the same paper, one company's price is low but does not include delivery, while another company's price is high but can deliver. It is all based on the personal ability of technology. If you can get the paper with lower price and package delivery by technology, it is completely based on the personal ability of technology. At the same time, there is the time of payment, and the prices of goods on delivery and three-month billing period are also different. If we can talk about the three-month accounting period to the price of one month accounting period, it will also save a lot of costs. If you want to buy cheap paper, you must first understand the market price of paper in the whole region, and then shop around. Because now most of you buy paper from agents, so the price difference is relatively large. In order to shop around, it is necessary to determine whether someone else has goods, otherwise the order will not be placed until it is printed. If the other party is found to be out of stock, the construction period will be greatly delayed. In addition, for some special paper sizes, the order should also be placed in advance, so that the paper mill will have time to rush to manufacture. Therefore, technology should also understand the procurement of materials, which can not only save costs, but also promote the sales of books

of course, technology has to do other trivial things. Technology not only acts as a consultant in the society, but also as a link. It is the external window of the publishing house. He contacted the Phototypesetting company, proofing company, printing factory, etc. For example, after the art determines the format, the technology should contact the Phototypesetting company to input the manuscript according to the format, and return it in time according to the three proofreading and one reading. When the manuscript can finally be published, it should also determine with the Phototypesetting company what format to use to output the film (not required for direct edition making), whether to produce small films or large films? This depends on whether the printing factory has the process of making up. For the color cover or text, we need to contact the proofing, and send it to the art and art signing samples for final delivery to the printing factory. Even for some more important things, we need to let the printing factory show the blueprint. When these are ready, the technology can issue a construction order with detailed contents, such as what paper, what format, loading method, delivery date, printing number, printing method, etc. The construction order and the sample should be delivered to the printing factory together. Until the printed book is sent to the warehouse of the publishing house, the task of technology can be said to be over, but there is still a lot of attention to the above content

one: how to choose a phototypesetting company? Choosing a good and qualified signboard company depends not only on the size of the company, but also on long-term contact with it. The management of a good typesetting company is very strict. The speed and accuracy of text entry are the key to evaluate the quality of a typesetting company. Even some companies will proofread the typed text and manuscript themselves, which is more perfect

second: how to choose a printing plant? Printing houses do not have to choose large ones, but choose the right ones. The first thing to choose a printing plant is to understand the printing plants in the area, which plants have what equipment? How are the workers? Whether it is 24-hour homework is very particular. If there is a high-quality hardcover book to be packed, you should choose a manufacturer without hardcover linkage line. How to make hardcover books fast? And it's not time-consuming and time-consuming to let a small factory with monochrome machine print a color book! So the first step is to understand the basic situation of these printing plants in the area. Secondly, we should have an understanding of the publishing market. Because there is a slack season for publishing. As far as the Shanghai market is concerned. Generally, there are three peak seasons for publishing houses. One is the new year's day and Spring Festival market. At this time, children have winter vacation, and the demand for books increases. Moreover, this market can usually be sold for one year, so basically every publishing house will take the new year's day and Spring Festival market as the top priority, and at the same time, the printing factory will be very busy because of the need to print textbooks after the new year. Therefore, it is safe to find a manufacturer that can deliver goods on time or place the construction order before the peak season. Again, the May day market plays a connecting role, and some large-scale orders will also be concentrated at that time, and finally the summer market. The summer market is also accompanied by the Shanghai book fair and then the national day market, which is also very important. So how to choose a printing plant in the peak season is also a key problem to test the technology. Of course, the credibility of the printing factory is also very important. It was clearly agreed that the goods would be delivered in September, but after the October book fair, how much market did the publishing house lose? Of course, the level of the master of the printing factory is also very important, especially those fine and demanding picture books or more important books and periodicals, which are particularly particular about printing. The author once saw a printing factory designated by an artist, because the workers and masters of this printing factory are all scientific utilization of resources, and are called old mages by Shanghai. His ability to grasp the color of the manuscript is accumulated through years of experience, and he has profound theoretical knowledge as guidance, which is incomparable to ordinary people. Therefore, the technology also needs to master the printing quality of the printing factory. From the above content, we can see that a qualified technology is not easy, and there are too many technologies to master. We should not only master basic printing knowledge, but also understand marketing. In addition, we should have good foresight, foresight and analytical ability for the whole printing and publishing market, as well as good psychological quality and negotiation ability. It can be said that technology meets the requirements of being a miscellaneous person, but at the same time, it also requires basic professional ethics. Because technology also needs to be associated with 882.6 money, maybe once his hand is loosened, the publishing house will lose some printing houses and gain some profits. In short, if we do a good job in a technology, it is a cumulative process, not a small step, not even a thousand miles; There is no river or sea without small streams

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