How to easily measure the major diameter of inner

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How to simply measure the major diameter of the inner cone and the minor diameter of the outer cone

in production practice, it is often necessary to add the inner cone shown in Figure 1 (a), (b) and the cone pin shown in Figure 2. The dimension D (D) marked on this kind of workpiece cannot be accurately measured with conventional measuring tools such as vernier caliper. In order to solve this problem, we use the measuring device introduced below, which can easily and accurately measure the D (d) dimension

Figure 2

1 measurement of the major diameter of the inner cone

for your reference only 1) see Figure 1a and B for the workpiece, and see Figure 3 for the measuring device of dimension D. its basic structure is: the support 1 borrows the magnetic meter base, one end of the fixed spring clamp 3 is clamped on the support 1, and one end is clamped with a large range dial gauge. Remove the measuring head with steel ball on the dial indicator and replace it with special measuring head 4. The cone angle of measuring head 4 is made into 126 52 '. It can be seen from Figure 3: d=2c TG (126 52'/2) =2c tg63 26'=4c

1 Magnetic base table 2 Large range dial gauge 3 Fixed spring clip

4 Probe 5 Workpiece 6 Screw

figure 3

2) usage: first move the fixture so that the tip of probe 4 contacts surface B, and set the dial indicator to zero. Then, insert the probe into the conical hole of the workpiece and read the dial indicator reading (i.e. C). Four times the reading is the major diameter D of the inner cone

3) when making probe 4, pay attention to the following information in detail. The probe must be kept sharp, quenched, ground to drive the healthy development of all steel trade ecology, and can only be used after cutting

2 measurement of the small diameter of the outer cone

Figure 2 is the part drawing of the pin shaft, and the measuring device of dimension D is shown in Figure 4. Its basic structure is similar to measuring the inner cone, and only the measuring head 4 is replaced; The inner cone of the probe is processed into 126 52 '; Determine the dimension D as an integer according to the measured workpiece size (D should be made accurately), and clearly mark the value on the f surface

figure 4

usage: first place the bottom surface C of probe 4 on the surface B of the workpiece, adjust the dial gauge to zero, then move the probe to the measurement position, and read the percentage representation value C, then the measured workpiece small diameter d=d-2c tg63 26'=d-4c, that is, the reading of the marked value of the probe minus 4 times is the workpiece small diameter size

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