How to effectively control the cost of paper in th

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How to effectively control the cost of paper in the printing process

in daily work, it is inevitable to use equipment such as paper cutter, glue loader, film laminating machine and page dispenser. 3 The strength index has a yield point Tensile strength Fatigue limit Creep limit Lasting strength will encounter the problem of waste of paper. In the long run, it will not only increase the cost, but also be detrimental to our concept of low-carbon environmental protection. How to have the above is the related knowledge of how to distinguish different configurations of hydraulic universal testing machine and protection and maintenance, which the technicians share with you, and how to effectively control the cost of paper? 1. Weigh the paper price

first master the market dynamics of the paper industry. Understand the variety orientation and price differences among paper competitors, be familiar with the characteristics and quality status of each variety, and keep abreast of its changes at any time, know the latest market price, so as to know yourself and the enemy, and win every battle. Second, implement a transparent bidding, investment and procurement system. After the public bid opening, the evaluation and comparison will be carried out, and then the purchase and sales contract will be signed. Finally, the bid evaluation and determination results will be publicized. In this way, the work links of bidding will be standardized, which will help to save procurement costs and improve procurement quality. Third, long-term cooperation and bulk demand. Try to cooperate with paper suppliers who understand printing for a long time. If they cooperate for a long time and ask for goods in large quantities, they will be more willing to accept the price reduction plan. Once a long-term contract is signed, even if the paper price rises again and again, it can also ensure the stability and consistency of the paper price. Fourth, pay as soon as possible. If paper dealers can get the payment paid by the printing factory in a short time, they usually provide customers with a discount of about 10%. Therefore, the printing factory had better talk with the printing customers in advance to let them pay part of the payment in advance, so as to save a certain amount of paper costs

2. Keep paper reasonably first and ensure inventory

reasonably ensure a certain amount of paper inventory, and timely purchase and keep the paper in short supply. For the paper with sufficient supply, the storage and custody shall be reduced to avoid the occupation of funds caused by excessive storage. Second, formulate consumption quotas. On the premise of clarifying the printing plan, formulate the consumption quota of printing paper. To be exact, quantitative management should be implemented in all links of printing, and the cost control should be broken down to each grass-roots management personnel and front-line production personnel. Through monthly workshop cost accounting, the standard printing paper size of workshop machines (teams) should be formulated, and the size should be strictly limited. This can effectively reduce the paper consumption. Third, strictly control the paper data. No matter in storage or on-line printing, count the on-line paper according to the type and batch of printed products, so as to ensure that there is no omission, recollection, falsification and accurate recording. Paper warehouse managers and workshop machines should check accounts regularly, sign for confirmation, and supervise each other. Fourth, set up waste paper recycling center. Assign special personnel to recycle the waste paper in the workshop, implement the waste conversion and paper addition project, and establish a waste paper recycling center to reuse the waste paper as much as possible. In this way, the paper is fully protected and utilized to avoid loss. Compared with the failure to standardize the above measures, at least 20% of the cost is saved

3. Introduce innovative technology, pay attention to the development of new printing technology, and introduce innovative measures to improve efficiency and save costs, so as to reduce the number of paper losses

the introduction of color management system is the same reason, which greatly reduces the number of trial printing in the printing process and reduces the production of waste paper. There is also the digital management system (ERP) platform, which establishes a detailed and clear list of inventory materials and spare parts, standardizes the process of material procurement, requisition and financial reimbursement, and records the information of each material in and out of the warehouse and each invoice, which greatly facilitates data statistics, analysis and assessment. ERP system has the function of paper consumption assessment. Statisticians can automatically summarize the output paper consumption table according to the output and actual paper consumption fed back by the operators of the printing workshop, and the metal proximity switch is reset to zero sensor, which greatly reduces the paper consumption of the workshop and improves the work efficiency at the same time. And the improvement of efficiency has achieved cost savings

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