Top ten achievements in China's petroleum refining

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It was learned on December 23 that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, PetroChina planned and deployed more than 10 major oil refining and chemical technology projects, focusing on the major needs of refining and chemical business development and taking the company's major science and technology projects as the core, forming a number of important scientific research achievements and patented technologies, A scientific and technological innovation system with "R & D organization, scientific and technological research, condition platform and scientific and technological guarantee" as the core has been preliminarily established, and the objectives and tasks of the "12th Five Year Plan" for scientific and technological development have been fully completed, providing important technical support for the quality and benefit development of China's petroleum refining and petrochemical business

in the field of oil refining scientific research, the independent innovation ability has achieved leapfrog development, and the overall technical level is close to the international advanced level. As a high-tech R & D center of China petroleum refining and petrochemical industry, China Petroleum and Petrochemical Research Institute has fully completed the research and development of refining series catalysts, and has made significant achievements in the development of major refining catalysts such as catalytic cracking, gasoline hydrogenation, diesel hydrogenation, hydrocracking, residue hydrogenation, and has initially formed a series of catalyst technologies from light oil to heavy oil; Successfully developed 52 new catalyst products in six categories and 8 new catalyst materials; A total of 5 catalyst process packages have been developed and successfully applied to nearly 120 industrial units in 54 refining and chemical enterprises, with an additional benefit of more than 2billion yuan

in the field of chemical research, the experimental force that the overall technology water fixture can bear is a very important indicator of the fixture, which has increased significantly compared with the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, and the key areas have achieved leapfrog development. The scientific research project undertaking units such as Shidui large-scale chemical research institute have concentrated on the key technical fields such as large ethylene, large nitrogen fertilizer, polyolefin series catalysts, and the production of chemical characteristic products. Major breakthroughs have been made in the R & D and application of key core technologies, forming a large number of scientific and technological innovation achievements, effectively supporting the rapid development of chemical business, with good water permeability

in order to promote the transformation of scientific research achievements into enterprise productivity, PetroChina's refining and chemical science and technology work has actively promoted the "production, research, marketing and management" five integrated research model, focusing on strengthening the cooperation between scientific research institutions and refining and chemical enterprises, and creating a new product development technology alliance. In accordance with the guiding ideology of "developing new chemical products with high technical content, large sales volume and good economic benefits", Sinopec Institute has developed three categories of new products: polyethylene, polypropylene and synthetic rubber. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the cumulative output exceeded 900000 tons, creating direct economic benefits of more than 400million yuan

in addition, in order to create a good scientific research atmosphere and build a high-level innovation platform, PetroChina has increased its scientific research investment in the refining and chemical industry field, and has invested in the new Institute of petrochemical research with world-class standards; The National Key Laboratory for heavy oil processing, the National Engineering Technology Research Center for carbon fiber, 6 company level key laboratories and 5 test bases have been established; With more than 10000 sets of scientific research instruments and equipment, the technology research and development level, industrial scale-up production capacity and efficiency in the oil refining and chemical industry have been greatly improved

it is reported that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, PetroChina won more than 400 national, provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards in the refining and chemical field. Among them, there are 1 national first prize for scientific and technological progress, 4 national second prizes for scientific and technological progress, and 21 provincial and ministerial first prizes for scientific and technological progress. The number of patent applications and authorizations in oil refining and chemical engineering has increased for five consecutive years, more than twice the number in the same period of the eleventh five year plan

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