How to eliminate color spots on color TV screen

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How to eliminate the color spots on the color TV screen

the reason why the color spots appear on the color TV screen has been listed in the 1035 national strategic emerging industry development plan by the state is generally caused by the use of projectors. Precautions: the following reasons:

7 Appearance size: w920 x D510 x h1470mm

1. Magnetic objects are placed near the color TV, causing the picture tube to be magnetized

2. The degaussing circuit inside the color TV is damaged

3. The color TV picture tube is damaged


1. For the first reason, the user first moves the magnetic objects (such as speakers, etc.) away from the color TV at least one meter, turns off the power supply of the color TV (the main power supply on the color TV must be turned off, and cannot be turned off remotely). Turn on the power supply of the color TV after 4 or 5 minutes. If the color spots are not completely eliminated, you can repeat this step. If it cannot be eliminated after repeated several times, it means that the picture tube is too magnetized, so a special color TV degausser must be used to degausse the picture tube

2. For the second reason: generally, the degaussing resistance in the degaussing circuit of color TV is damaged, and the general user cannot deal with it by himself. It is best to send it to professional maintenance personnel for maintenance

3. For the third reason, due to the uniform distribution: the general picture tube is damaged and can only be replaced

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