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DuPont will build stronger strength to support the business development in the Asia Pacific region on April 17, 2010, DuPont will show its latest solution to support the maintenance of experimental machine host in the Asia Pacific region: customers in the rubber and plastic industry at the 24th International Rubber and plastic exhibition in Shanghai. DuPont high performance polymers, a newly established business unit, combines a wide product portfolio of engineering plastics and elastomers to provide stronger solutions for many different applications, especially in the automotive industry

updated the data of comparison results. Jameshay, Asia Pacific director of DuPont high performance polymers, said: "Expanding the market in the Asia Pacific region, especially in emerging markets such as China, brings great growth opportunities for DuPont high-performance polymers and provides innovative solutions for the Asia Pacific region. We are happy to introduce our recent innovative materials here and provide our customers with our latest investment trends, such as the increase of new equipment and production lines in DuPont China R & D center."

DuPont will introduce a new nylon product series - DuPont zytelplus at the exhibition. DuPont zytelplus nylon is the research result of DuPont R & D experts using a variety of innovative technologies. The product has excellent performance and is cost-effective. In the environment of hot oil, hot air, calcium chloride and other corrosive automotive chemicals, its performance is more durable and excellent than that of conventional nylon products produced with more than 5000 molds

in pursuit of more environmentally acceptable solutions in the market, DuPont high performance polymers respond with a series of renewable plastics, including soronaep, hytrelrs series and castor oil-based polyamide. Compared with current petroleum based materials, renewable plastic products can help reduce the dependence on petroleum, and in many cases can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in the manufacturing process. Renewable sources? Plastics have a wide range of applications and can be used in cross industry and cross market applications

at the exhibition, DuPont high performance polymers will also kick off the plan of adding production lines for the Shenzhen plant, which includes three categories of hydraulic universal testing machines currently produced by DuPont StarTech: digital display hydraulic universal testing machine, screen display hydraulic universal testing machine and microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine. Relevant production lines are expected to be put into operation in the middle of this year. This investment will bring about double compound capacity for the production of DuPont Zytel nylon 6and66 raw plastic particles and DuPont zyteltmnppa raw plastic particles. This shows the business's confidence in the market prospect of Greater China

philippehanck, sales and marketing director of DuPont high performance polymers Asia Pacific emerging economies, said: "China is the main growth driver of all our product lines, so we will actively accelerate basic investment in the second half of the year, including technology, R & D equipment and the most important talents, to support our innovation projects with our customers. We believe that DuPont's R & D center in Shanghai is the most advanced in the industry. Through this advanced development capability, we are establishing far-reaching partnerships with some key customers in the Chinese automotive industry 。”

the new equipment of DuPont Shanghai R & D center will improve its ability to test the physical properties of materials and components for automotive applications, including fatigue performance test and NVH (noise, vibration, durability) and environmental impact simulation test. The R & D center also provides customers with one-stop services to support material development and material selection, parts design, prototype and parts evaluation. This year, the center will strengthen and improve its application and development capabilities related to safety, comfort and fuel efficiency in the rapidly growing Chinese automobile market

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