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DuPont develops PV module packaging film based on polyvinyl butyral (PVB) polymer technology

DuPont solar PV solutions Department recently announced the launch of a new series of DuPont S482 based on polyvinyl butyral (PVB) polymer technology; Pv5200 PV module packaging film. The new PVB film shows good physical and processing properties in the manufacturing process of laminated glass, and adds other functions to meet the needs of thin-film solar power generation

DuPont S482; Pv5200 series packaging film is the first product launched by DuPont recently to ensure the reliability of sample measuring station and fixture. The goal of research and development is to optimize the performance of packaging film, so as to achieve faster and more effective component manufacturing and longer service life. DuPont S482 for film assemblies with laminated glass structure; Pv5200 series packaging film can ensure excellent glass adhesion and safety, and also has high light transmission performance

stevecluff, director of DuPont PV packaging film business, said that "DuPont S482; pv5200 series packaging films have been optimized in terms of mechanical properties, adhesion, melt flow and chemical stability to match other new thin film module manufacturing materials." Cluff leads a new team of 30 employees who work closely with component manufacturers to develop new processing methods and applications of new assembly materials

cluff said: "DuPont S482; pv5200 series packaging film is a transparent and flexible material. It has good data. The materials that can be inspected by the tensile machine include: rubber, plastic, wire and cable, optical fiber cable, safety belt and safety belt. It is very suitable for the component packaging process using roller/autoclave, vacuum laminator and new solar panel processing methods. After the first generation of new mini in 2001" The thickness of the new PVB base material packaging film series ranges from 15mil (0.38mm) to 45mil (1.14mm), which can be sampled and used by solar cell module manufacturers around the world

in addition to the pv5200 series, DuPont expects to introduce other PV module packaging film technologies in 2009 by using its interdisciplinary research on packaging films

cluff said: "different from other single product suppliers, DuPont has an industry-leading series of clear, tough and adhesive materials that can be used to manufacture solar cell modules. These manufacturing technologies come from related industries, such as food packaging, roof covering materials and building flat laminated glass technology."

DuPont predicts that the packaging film market will grow at least 25% annually in the next five years. According to the current component compatibility tests conducted by major component manufacturers and the report on accelerated aging research, it is expected that 20% of the market share will adopt new packaging films as substitutes during this period

DuPont S482; Pv5200 series packaging film is one of the extensive and increasing product portfolio of DuPont solar photovoltaic solutions. This department helps support the rapidly growing photovoltaic industry by combining the science and technology of the whole company worldwide

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