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In the United Kingdom, edible vegetables are processed with carrots. Colored paper

food is packed with plastics in large quantities. As plastics are extremely difficult to degrade naturally and plastic waste is difficult to treat, some developed countries have partially restricted the use of plastic packaging. The first is the composite of graphene and high molecular conductive materials. The application of edible packaging paper is one of the effective ways to reduce garbage and protect the environment. Taking carrot as the base material, adding appropriate thickener, plasticizer and water repellent, and using the natural color of carrot, edible color vegetable paper with low price and good quality can be made. This product can be used as boxed food. The provincial and municipal governments have also expressed their determination to implement the individual (internal) packaging of the product or directly use it as a convenience food, which can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also enhance the beauty of food and increase consumers' interest and appetite. The production process is simple and practical, with great market potential

put the fully swollen sodium alginate solution and the scalded carrot pieces into a beater, break and stir them into a uniform paste, add glycerin and stir them well, and put them into a vacuum drying oven for degassing. The degassed paste liquid is scraped into a self-made stainless steel mold for forming. After molding, it is put into an electric oven for drying. The temperature is controlled outside ℃. After the carrot pulp is dried into a piece and can be removed, it is taken out, coated with self-made water repellent, and then put into an oven for drying. After cooling, it is sealed

carrot paper is a kind of edible color paper. It has strong flexibility and certain water resistance. The Ministry of industry and information technology and the China Petrochemical Federation are studying and preparing the implementation plan for the special project of import and replacement of new chemical materials. It has the packaging function and can provide special chemical materials and edible functions for future TV sets. If the strength and plasticity can be further improved, the surface texture (texture) can be improved, and the products with various shapes (boxes, bowls, etc.) can be made, its use can be further expanded, the environment can be better protected, and a new way for the deep processing of vegetables can be provided

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