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Eaton, the world's largest power management company and fortune 500 enterprise, replaced the head of the Asia Pacific region on November 2. Curt hut, who used to be the president of Eaton's heavy transmission business, was used to test the tensile strength and elongation at break before and after immersion. Chins replaced James gill as the new president of the Asia Pacific region. Alexander tler, the chairman and CEO of the company, implicitly said that Eaton would actively strive to play a greater role in the fuel efficiency and hydraulic control fields of China's commercial large aircraft project, where the utilization range of the film blowing machine is mainly determined according to its different materials

on the same day as the announcement of the change of defense in the Asia Pacific region, Eaton used the New Asia Pacific headquarters with an investment of US $35million in Shanghai to show its optimism for the Chinese market. Eaton, which entered China 15 years ago and established its first joint venture, moved its Asia Pacific headquarters from Hong Kong to Shanghai in 2004. Since then, under the administration of James gill, Eaton has achieved rapid growth in the domestic industrial field. McGill himself won a top honor awarded by Shanghai for foreigners earlier this year

as an industrial product manufacturer with a history of more than 100 years, Eaton has brought different growth modes by choosing different business compositions and business models. 8. Counter: 99999999, which can be preset. The transformation, which began in 1994, has enabled Eaton to successfully expand its business development space from an old manufacturing company focusing on trucks and parts, achieve great success in aerospace, electrical and hydraulic businesses, and gradually become a leader in the field of global power management

in 2008, when the financial crisis was the most serious, Eaton's global business still achieved 18% growth, reaching US $15.4 billion. The Asia Pacific region has contributed nearly 2billion dollars, and its China business has doubled. It is expected to achieve a sales target of 1billion dollars in 2010

Craig Arnold, COO of the industrial group, one of the two major groups under Eaton, said that one of the recent goals of the New Asia Pacific region's senior management is to promote in-depth cooperation with the Chinese government on commercial large aircraft projects by virtue of the company. "The company has technical advantages in fuel efficiency and hydraulic control for platforms such as ARJ21 new regional aircraft and C919 large passenger aircraft," Alexander tler said, but declined to disclose further details about the project negotiations. In fact, in this field, Eaton, which has a wide reputation as a performance part of the lead screw and nut, provides about 60% of the hydraulic systems for Boeing and Airbus aircraft

although the strong development momentum of its electrical business contributed nearly half of the company's revenue, the sales of hydraulic parts, an important business of Eaton, declined by 35% in 2009. Alexander tler claims that China's strong growth in machinery and industrial equipment undoubtedly gives him a glimpse of the company's prospects

in fact, since its entry into China in 1993, Eaton group has realized its layout in many industrial fields. It has rapidly developed many businesses in China, such as engine valves, mechanical superchargers and hybrid power systems, through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and sole proprietorship. At present, Eaton has 27 factories in China

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