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DuPont Singapore has doubled the production capacity of Vespel parts and profiles.

after the production capacity of DuPont high performance polymers is increased at the Tuas plant in Singapore, the production capacity of DuPont vespelcr-6000 series parts and profiles will nearly double

in view of the excellent chemical resistance, temperature resistance and wear resistance of cr-6100 products, the important application of this series of parts and profiles in the refining industry is growing. In addition to cr-6100, the higher temperature resistance and improved chemical resistance of cr-6110 series parts and profiles have promoted their application in wet semiconductor manufacturing

when facing extremely harsh environment, metal or plastic products with poor performance and operating temperature of 20-35 ℃ are difficult to cope with, design engineers will turn to vespelcr parts and profiles. The seal of cr-6000 product series has high creep performance, and its fastening parts have good machinability. Recently, vespelcr-6100 was designated as a substitute for the metal parts in the collar. The product has better wear resistance, smaller fastening clearance and higher pump efficiency. In addition, cr-6100 parts have also obtained iso13709 international standard certification and API610 pump parts standard of American Petroleum Institute

when DuPont kalrez and Vespel global product manager markschmeckpepe opened the software, R said: "Our customers have found that vespelcr series parts and profiles have cost and performance advantages, such as longer average maintenance interval, better chemical resistance, excellent design features, etc. when Cr is used to test the tensile properties of high-molecular polymers, there is a certain difference between the tensile machines used to test the tensile properties of common materials -6000 product series is put into production in Duanshi factory, we have more sufficient preparation to meet the high-value products Demand in the global market. "

Singapore Duanshi factory was opened in july2008. It is a new production plant for vespels parts and profiles. Other production facilities for Vespel parts and profiles are located in Utsunomiya, Japan, Mechelen, Belgium, Newark, Delaware and Ohio Valley, Ohio

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