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DuPont provides local global services for customers in China

DuPont paint provides localized global services for Chinese customers. Many people are familiar with DuPont, such as nylon 66 and Teflon, which are all products invented by DuPont. But what many people outside the industry don't know is that in the 208 year development history of DuPont so far, DuPont's automotive paint business has been 80 years since it entered the market in 1910. In DuPont's global business of US $30.5 billion in 2008, automotive paint and automotive related business reached US $8billion, accounting for 20% of the total business. In addition to automotive paint, automotive related businesses also include 5 Continue to improve automotive powertrain, fuel system, automotive electronics, air conditioning, interior decoration, airbag, exterior decoration, etc. In terms of automotive coatings, more and more DuPont manufacturers have the ability to provide complete sets of industrial solutions, mainly providing the following products to the automotive industry: first, automotive body coating and new coating trends released every year, including color trends; The second is the painting of automobile interior parts; The third is the coating of plastic parts - bumper, exterior bridge and reversing mirror, which also includes automotive touch-up paint, paint on power insulated wire, paint on the middle card, and paint on auto parts - wheel hub. According to experts, from the perspective of customers, almost all international brands in the world and more than 20 domestic automobile manufacturers are DuPont customers. Step into the Chinese market with steady steps - through a visit to the DuPont automotive paint factory and laboratory in Detroit, it is found that DuPont automotive paint business has entered the Chinese market step by step with an extremely steady pace. The development of DuPont automotive paint business in China can be divided into two lines: one is the upgrading process of DuPont automotive paint products in China; One is the localization process of DuPont automotive paint technology in China

Mr. yanfucheng, business director of DuPont China Automotive Coatings Division, introduced that in April, 1984, DuPont introduced environmental friendly primer to China, providing FAW Volkswagen with lead and tin free electrophoretic paint products; In april2001, DuPont introduced environmental friendly product - high solid intermediate coating to China, and its VOC emission can be reduced by 15%; In november2007, DuPont introduced an environmental friendly product - Water-based intermediate coat and color paint to China; In july2010, DuPont will introduce the new generation of energy-saving and environmental protection products eco concept, high solid content and 3wet into China. Through these new products, it is possible to make China's automotive coating industry catch up with or exceed the world level. In terms of the introduction and localization of automobile coating technology, from 1992 to 2000, DuPont exported the finished products from Europe and North America to China, because at that time, China's automobile output was relatively small and the manufacturing cost was relatively high; From 2001 to 2005, finished products began to be produced in China, while semi-finished products were still in the state of import; From 2005 to 2008, resins and semi-finished products began to be purchased and manufactured from China. At this time, they were in the stage of deep localization, and some core materials were imported from abroad; From 2006 to now, the whole new product development and research can be carried out in China, because many new models are introduced into the Chinese market every year. DuPont has strengthened the research and development of new products in China. Yanfucheng introduced that DuPont automotive paint's current business units in China include high-performance coating companies in Shanghai and Changchun, DuPont Automotive Service Center in Shanghai, and DuPont color matching service center in Chongqing. Shanghai Service Center mainly provides R & D services in the field of high-temperature coatings, and technology R & D includes support for the entire Asia Pacific region

since many global departments of DuPont have begun to take R & D to China, the Shanghai Service Center of DuPont automotive paint in Jiading, Shanghai currently has a research and development team of 150 people, including automatic coating machine, electrophoresis simulation tank, manual spraying room, automatic air spray gun, accelerated aging tester, cupping instrument and various development and testing equipment. According to experts, in the Shanghai Service Center, if a customer has problems in production, there is no need to simulate on site. After simulation on the corresponding system of the service center, the data can be directly imported into the customer's production line. In this way, the customer's downtime and material loss are reduced. Yanfucheng said that this system can be used to simulate the coating of solvent-based materials as well as the coating of water-based materials. Generally, the simulation conversion of a color system can be shortened from 15 days to less than 3 days after the computer stops the experimental items and parameter settings. DuPont's coating process, two lean production projects worth recommending to Chinese customers, is quite well-known in the world. In recent years, its process methods on the world's main coating lines have become the mainstream process routes, and two lean production projects have great reference value to Chinese vehicle manufacturers. "Coating materials account for less than 20% of the whole coating cost, and the other 80% is the cost of the whole coating process." Yanfucheng said, "in China, many vehicle manufacturers focus on how to reduce costs. The simplest way is to let paint suppliers reduce prices. In fact, this is only a small part." Generally, the traditional solvent based material coating process has the characteristics of high VOC emission, low investment and low energy consumption; The waterborne material coating process has the characteristics of low VOC emission, high investment and high energy consumption; The newly developed powder imported ball screw end coating process with experimental force has the characteristics of low VOC emission, high energy consumption and no multi-color construction

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