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Eaton released a new distributed driver rapid link 5 to help smart logistics

with the development of the logistics industry, a new technology American Recycling Association said it would pay more attention to the integration of technology and ideas, which is promoting the transformation and upgrading of the traditional logistics industry to smart logistics. Eaton, a global power management company, focuses on the logistics industry and introduces a new generation of powerxl series distributed driver rapid link 5. This product adheres to the excellent product design concept and excellent performance of the powerxl family, helping customers accelerate logistics automation and intelligent upgrading and improve key operational performance

deeply rooted in the industry and with the development of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing in recent years, Eaton has always kept up with market changes, based on customer needs, and promoted the realization of customer intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing. Rapid link 5 is a new generation product launched by Eaton through years of technical accumulation and accumulation, which is rooted in the logistics industry. Since the first generation of rapid link came out in 2004, the product has been widely used in various logistics systems, such as warehousing logistics, postal express, baggage and goods transportation sorting, production line logistics, etc

at present, the rapid link installation nodes are all over the world, with more than 200000 units and a transmission length of more than 600 kilometers. It has contributed a more competitive automated and intelligent logistics system to the aviation, logistics, manufacturing, e-commerce, express and other industries

classic, comprehensive upgrade

transportation and sorting plays a key role in the logistics system. The project usually has a transmission line from tens of meters to hundreds of meters long, and the baggage system of the airport is even tens of kilometers long. Therefore, modern advanced material conveying systems are controlled by modular and distributed systems

Eaton distributed driver rapid link 5 integrates the special functions of material conveying and is designed for distributed applications, including motor starter Ramo 5 and frequency converter rasp 5, which are suitable for various conveying, sorting and other application scenarios

rapid link 5 supports a variety of field bus communication protocols, including PROFINET, ethernet/ip and AS-I communication, so that a variety of signal states along the long-distance conveyor can be collected and monitored, and the availability and reliability of the control system can be improved through flexible and diversified group methods; The product has IP65 protection grade and is suitable for various harsh field application environments; At the same time, the transparent data enables customers to master the operation of equipment and lines at any time, and implement remote monitoring and maintenance

rapid link 5 takes into account the product requirements in various application scenarios and provides rich user configuration options, including maintenance switch, a variety of band brake voltage output, built-in braking resistance, safe torque off sto function, etc. In addition, the integrated logistics specific control logic function of the product ontology makes the control more simple and efficient; The integrated motor thermistor protection function can effectively protect the motor equipment and ensure the safety and reliability of the long-term operation of the system

in terms of installation, rapid link 5 can connect three ways of quick connection power bus system through different adapters. All power supply and signal connections adopt quick pluggable standardized interfaces, which are easy to install on site and avoid errors; The integrated maintenance switch and manual/automatic selection switch are designed to facilitate the electrical and mechanical commissioning of the conveyor, and can be quickly handled in case of failure. It is worth mentioning that all products have the same installation size, so as to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase through standardized installation

rapid link 5 provides a wealth of parameterized tools to make debugging easier and faster. Through drivesconnect software, panel, Bluetooth accessories, app and other parametric tools, rapid link 5 can be quickly started by setting few parameters. Through rich parameterization methods, it is convenient to realize parameter setting, control, copy, storage, diagnosis, reset, fault recording and other operations

rapid link 5 not only brings significant time and cost savings to customers in the logistics industry in the design and on-site implementation stages, greatly reduces the on-site construction workload, but also provides a reliable guarantee for the long-term reliable operation and convenient maintenance of the logistics system. The Ethernet communication and Bluetooth interaction methods provide a solid foundation for customers to build a smart logistics system

As one of the important components in the automatic control system of the material conveyor, the motor starter Ramo 5

is the cornerstone of improving the operation efficiency of the whole system in the intelligent era. Eaton's new generation of motor starter Ramo 5, with an innovative motor starting protection device, achieves more powerful functions in a smaller volume. Provide customers with safe, reliable, convenient, flexible and efficient application value:

it integrates the traditional breaking function, short-circuit protection, overload protection and other functions, greatly reducing the space occupation and wiring time

the rotatable base makes it easy for users to connect power supply and motor cables from the left, right or bottom to help users cope with the challenges of diverse installation positions

it supports direct (single steering) start and reversible (double steering) start to realize fast start, fast response, high efficiency and high torque of the motor

it can provide 90W to 3.0kw motor starting and protection functions in one device, greatly simplifying the customer's spare parts reserve

switch life of more than 10million times to ensure customer investment and reduce operation and maintenance costs

the inverter rasp 5

the inverter is the key to equipment control and protection. Eaton inverter rasp 5 is oriented to the global application market. It has displayed channels, units and decimal places, and can be configured with IE4 energy efficiency grade. Its power range is 0.75kw-4.0kw, which meets the user's expectations for easy use, green energy saving, safety and reliability of the product:

integrated C3 level EMC filter (motor cable can reach 10m), Effectively suppress EMC interference

the braking resistor can be integrated internally to realize fast braking, and users do not need to consider additional wiring and space

support v/f or open-loop vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motor, DC brushless motor and synchronous reluctance motor, with higher control accuracy and energy efficiency grade

Be a powerful country

support the sto (safety torque off) safety function of sil3 level

in addition, Eaton rapid link 5 has CE, cul listed and other international certifications and is applicable to most countries and regions in the world. In terms of network security, Eaton has its own laboratory approved by UL, and fully participates in the UL network security plan. In addition to threat analysis, each device of rapid link 5 must pass the network security assessment to meet the global customer's requirements for network attack risk prevention, which also highlights Eaton's concept of global development

in order to ensure the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of internal logistics transportation equipment and production process, enterprises pay special attention to motor-driven products closely related to the control and protection of key equipment Qifu Malaysia Airlines. While focusing on the development of the industry and market changes, Eaton has always taken customer needs as the source power to bring forth the new through the old, organically integrated advanced technology and innovative ideas, and created more high-quality and efficient motor starting and frequency converter products and solutions to help customers cope with new challenges in the future and face the era of intelligent logistics

about Eaton

Eaton is committed to improving the quality of human life and environmental quality through the use of power management technology and services. We provide a variety of sustainable solutions to help customers manage electricity, fluid power and mechanical power more safely, efficiently and reliably. In 2019, Eaton achieved sales of US $21.4 billion, with about 92000 employees worldwide and products covering more than 175 countries

Eaton has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for more than 20 years. It entered the Chinese market in 1993 and has rapidly developed its business in China since then. In 2004, the Asia Pacific headquarters of the company moved from Hong Kong to Shanghai. Greater China has about 9800 employees, 29 manufacturing bases and 5 R & D centers. Today, most of Eaton's products have been made in China

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