Your temperament and image determine your income.

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"Many shop assistants don't want to make up, some of them don't bother to get up in the morning, some of them feel too tired to take off their makeup at night, which will hurt their skin, and some of them feel that cosmetics are expensive and reluctant to take it off. There are many reasons. After saying it several times, it doesn't work, and they are worried that saying too much will tell people to run away." many store managers may have this trouble

when training employees, store managers like to say that there are no ugly women, only lazy women. Beautiful people don't necessarily have the highest performance. Temperament also accounts for part of the reason why customers really come to you to sign the bill

if a male clerk in the store cleans up the mirror for half an hour before going to work, people may think he is "mother". But girls are not. In the eyes of ordinary people, makeup is the patent of girls. Indeed, makeup, pan head, thrush, good manners, generous conversation... These investments in their own image are not valued by everyone in the store. Some people feel lazy, some feel unworthy, and some don't want to dress up too "enchanting"...

some people say that image determines income, but we also know that too beautiful girls' performance is not necessarily really good. Image is not a simple combination concept of dressing, appearance, appearance, hairstyle and makeup, but a comprehensive quality, a combination of appearance and internal. In popular words, it mainly depends on temperament

a clean and generous light makeup silently tells your respect for customers and enthusiasm for life

a kind and polite word can better show your care for your colleagues and goodwill for service

a pair of high-heeled shoes that fit your feet, make you tall and straight, and have a little more elegant temperament

a set of neat and fitting work clothes can not only show your professionalism, but also make you concentrate on serving customers...

some suggestions for the store manager:

1. Take the lead and set an example. Store managers, customer service receptionists, etc., who are subordinate to the logistics service team under direct command, should first conduct self inspection and rectification. A slovenly and lazy management team has no better hygiene, let alone the image of ordinary employees

2. Invite professional makeup artists to the store for training every two months. People don't want to wear makeup. First, it's troublesome. Second, it doesn't work. In the final analysis, there is a lack of professional service guidance. A good makeup artist can pack up a beautiful person in five minutes, which is time-saving, efficient and inexpensive. After the training, give oral praise to the "image angel" every day, and conduct evaluation and reward at the end of the month

3. Submit problems to customer supervision and participation. The poor image and etiquette of employees in the store have a lot to do with daily supervision. If you can't be strict with the store manager, "if you can't clean up yourself, you can't serve customers", then ask customers to give our service personnel image and temperament points in the follow-up link. After scoring, it will be announced, and the ranking will be done on the same day. It should be effective in a week

4. Regularly do some activities such as "fashion shows" and "image ambassador competitions" belonging to our own employees. Let them put on what they think is the most beautiful clothes, accompany with music, step on the red carpet, pose, release their beauty loving nature, and show their own style. What you need to do is to find a better camera to record the highlights, or find several judges to give you points and comments

5. "I'm afraid that being strict and talking too much will cause personnel fluctuations". Then I have to consider my daily management methods and the current situation of team cohesion

to be a good store manager, you need to look like a good store manager. To be an excellent clerk, you need to look like an excellent clerk

some suggestions for shop assistants

1. Make yourself look like an excellent shop assistant

thinking, dressing, behaving, speaking. Always remember that you are an excellent clerk. You should recognize this and try to realize it

2. Self confidence is the beginning of improving yourself

list your advantages, smiling, kind, good skin, good memory, and even running fast are advantages. Learn to find your advantages, and believe that this is your wealth. Only wear clothes that make you confident. When communicating with customers, look directly at others and speak in a firm, decisive, and enthusiastic tone

3. This is a two minute world

two minutes after the customer enters the door, the customer has made a judgment on you. You only have one minute to show who you are and another minute to make others like you. Only by making a good first impression can you start the second step

4. Enthusiasm is the energy that can be transferred to each other

without enthusiasm, nothing great can be accomplished. Remember to smile, try to remember the guest's name, appreciate the guest, and help the guest

everything comes together into your image. Whether it's diligent and capable, sloppy and lazy, warm and polite, indifferent and careless, professional or amateur, what image you show others, what impression others have of you

your image determines your divergent temperament. These image temperament determines your income





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