Decoration budget can't just look at the total quo

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Decoration budget overrun is a problem encountered by many owners. In this regard, industry insiders suggest that citizens should implement all decoration projects in writing when decorating, and not just look at the total quotation

Mr. Li is ready to decorate his new house after receiving the key of his new house in the middle of this month. In the process of decoration, Mr. Li found that 40000 yuan was far from enough, and finally more than 10000 yuan was added

a home decoration designer told reporters that in order to sign the bill, designers often use consumers' lack of professional knowledge, heavy total price and other situations to deliberately omit items in the quotation, so as to control the quotation within the range that consumers can bear

tips for reducing the cost of second-hand house decoration

the survey results released by the China Interior Decoration Association recently showed that last year, there was 30billion yuan of decoration waste in the country, especially in the decoration of second-hand houses

the decoration of second-hand houses is a systematic project, and it is very necessary to formulate a detailed decoration plan before decoration. The second-hand house decoration should first be demolished, but attention should be paid not to smash all the old ones. The most important thing is to avoid smashing the load-bearing wall; It is best to embody the concept of energy conservation in the decoration process, and choose energy-saving products, such as water-saving faucets and water-saving bathroom products




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