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From balcony floor to outdoor garage, rack and platform, anticorrosive wood is basically used

antiseptic wood is basically used in everything from balcony floor to outdoor garage, corridor frame and platform. However, whether the preservative wood we bought can be used for 30 years as we imagined? What is good about high-quality antiseptic wood? The editor visited the building materials market and contacted insiders to make a life experience investigation on the wood we use

antiseptic wood with rich materials

with the increase of people who own villas, the use of antiseptic wood is also increasing. Antiseptic wood is first of all solid wood, which will crack, corrode and deform just because it is solid wood. Antiseptic wood is the screened solid wood through the closed pressure antiseptic tank, and the antiseptic agent is pressed into the wood with vacuum pressure. The whole process is quite exquisite, and the produced antiseptic wood usually has a service life of 30 years

the most common preservative wood - Southern pine

southern pine in the United States is known as the "king of cork in the world". It has a high ability to accept high-pressure injection of preservatives. Its high permeability enables southern pine to be free from moisture, decay, termites and marine organisms. Its preservative ability can be maintained for 50 years, but it is easy to deform, so it needs to have appropriate clearance when laying

the most environmentally friendly preservative wood - red cedar

red cedar produced in the western United States and Canada is a high-grade natural preservative wood. Its natural growth of an acid can ensure that the wood is not eroded by insects, and it is highly stable and not easy to deform. Because there is no drug erosion, it will not cause pollution to the environment. It can be used not only outdoors, but also indoors, such as the walls and floors in the kitchen and bathroom. The service life is about 30 years

the most affordable preservative wood - Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica

after treatment, Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica produced in China can prevent the invasion of mold, termites and microorganisms, and it can effectively inhibit the change of moisture content of the treated wood, reduce the cracking degree of the wood, and extend the life of the wood to 40 to 50 years, which is more stable than southern pine. Moreover, camphor pine preservative wood is processed domestically, so it will be relatively affordable in price

secrets of preservative wood merchants

adding melamine to milk, adding Sudan red to hamburgers, and adding sweeteners to fruit juice are all well-known secrets in the industry. Antiseptic wood is the most important wood in outdoor building materials. When purchasing, you also need to pay attention not to be fooled by these merchants

Secret 1: imported southern pine

preservative wood is divided into imported logs and imported processing; Imported logs, domestic processing; There are three kinds of domestic logs, domestic processing. Generally, the preservative wood below 2800 yuan/cubic meter is mostly domestic logs and domestic processing

secret 2: preservative preparation

the processing of preservative wood is through the preparation and closed high pressure to achieve the effect of preventing corrosion. However, in order to secretly reduce the process, many manufacturers will add arsenic (the main component of arsenic) to the preparation, which can be used after simple soaking, but the arsenic powder will float in the air and be easy to be poisoned

secret 3: corrosion resistance life

poor quality corrosion-resistant wood has a corrosion resistance of only 7 years at most, and cracks and deformation usually appear after one year. Many businesses will brush a layer of varnish on the surface when making it to prevent wearing the upper. In this way, a layer of paint is applied every other year, which can extend the corrosion protection life by three to five years

secret 4: fir as a substitute

not all green wood is preservative wood. After being soaked in a simple preservative and coated with anticorrosive paint, the Chinese fir has a service life of about 7 years. In addition to the rack, wooden house and garage, the wooden platform and outdoor furniture can be replaced by Chinese fir, which is less than half of the price of anticorrosive wood

Secret 5: Mahogany as a gimmick

there is a high-end anti-corrosion wood of Borlaug on the market now, and the price soared to 17000/m3. In fact, Borlaug was originally an alternative material pretending to be mahogany furniture, and its price is about 7000 yuan/m3 or even cheaper. The main reason is that the material is relatively stable, and its anti-corrosion effect is not very prominent, so it cannot be called a professional anti-corrosion wood

outdoor building materials, in addition to anticorrosive wood, such as plastic wood, iron art, PVC materials, resins, etc., are good substitutes. When choosing antiseptic wood, you should not look at the price completely, but also look at the certificate of the merchant and the description of the medicine, so that you won't spend money and can't buy good things





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