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On the selling points of electric retractable doors editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

electric retractable doors are becoming more and more familiar to consumers. Various types have become the basis for consumers to choose electric retractable doors. What are the selling points of electric retractable doors

first of all, it is an essential anti-collision device for intelligent infrared probe. When encountering people or foreign objects of 30-1250px, it can return to the operation by itself, so as to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians

secondly, centrifugal clutch. In case of power failure, just insert the exquisite key from the special clutch hole and easily rotate it at an angle of 90 degrees, that is, it turns to manual operation

finally, it is not disturbed by temperature. The electric telescopic door has high performance and is resistant to high temperature and cold. It can be used normally in hot summer at 90 ℃. It can still be used normally in cold winter at minus 50 ℃

in addition, the appearance design of the new display screen of the electric telescopic door has attracted the attention of consumers. Its main function can display Chinese and English advertising words and date and time, and the display content can be changed at will

all kinds of electric telescopic doors bring forth new ideas. Innovative and intelligent electric telescopic doors occupy an important position in the market and continue to provide value-added services to consumers

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