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Eaton's acquisition of Anglo Norman Technology Group. This transaction is in accordance with the transaction practice, and the specific terms have not been announced. Eaton hydraulic group owns hydraulic, filtration and golf club grip businesses. Its group president w

Eaton announced its agreement to acquire Anglo Norman technologies, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic filtration equipment. The transaction was conducted in accordance with 10 Function of traversing the curve point by point: click the force and deformation values on the curve through the mouse, and the specific terms have not been published

Eaton hydraulic group owns hydraulic, filtration, golf club grip and other businesses. William R. vanarsdale, group president, "Anglo Norman technologies has nearly 40 years of leading experience in the production of filtration technology. This acquisition will significantly expand Eaton's hydraulic product line. In addition, Anglo Norman is also among the best in some fast-growing markets such as wind energy, and has established good business in emerging economies such as Brazil, India and China. Its global business will strengthen our development in the United States, Europe and the Asia Pacific region."

Anglo Norman is headquartered in altlusheim, Germany, and has sales and distribution agencies in India, China, Brazil and the United States. The company has about 360 employees, with sales of more than 55million US dollars in 2010

Anglo German Norman Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by the franger family in 1972. After the acquisition of the company, Stefan franger and Bernhard franger, the current managers of the company, the two sons of the founder, will continue to assume the same management responsibilities in Eaton. Helmut franger, founder of Anglo Norman, said: "the sale of our family business will play a positive role in further developing our global business. Eaton is our best partner in jointly expanding new markets and developing new products and technologies."

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