Beijing affordable housing promotes green building

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Beijing affordable housing promotes green building to achieve 100% full coverage

Beijing affordable housing promotes green building to achieve 100% full coverage

September 19, 2014

[China paint information] recently, Beijing issued several guiding opinions on the implementation of green building actions in affordable housing in the city, hereinafter referred to as the guiding opinions, which will be officially implemented from October 1

the guiding opinions put forward that from 2014, all public rental housing and shantytowns reconstruction projects included in Beijing's development plan and annual affordable housing construction plan should take the lead in implementing green building action, and at least meet the one-star standard of green building. Affordable housing and limited price commercial housing will gradually promote the implementation of green building through classified industrialization. This also means that Beijing's newly-built affordable housing will achieve 100% full coverage of the "implementation of green building action and industrialization"

for the first time, Beijing has clearly written the requirements related to green construction and industrialization into the planning conditions, and strictly implemented them in the link of land supply, so that the requirements of green construction action and industrialization of affordable housing can become a reality in the blueprint of basic "smart home"? The key links in the construction procedure can be guaranteed and implemented in terms of system. Take the lead in putting forward the implementation principles of classified guidance according to local conditions. According to the different construction and management characteristics of public rental housing, shantytowns reconstruction and resettlement housing, affordable housing and limited price housing, it is tailored, classified and guided, focusing on the landing, and follows the principles of economy, applicability, environmental protection, safety and cost saving, which can meet the requirements of high smoothness, transparency and high precision of medical blood test tubes, and unqualified coaxiality of sustainable development

the policy integrates the incentive policies of finance, planning, housing and construction, science and technology, state-owned assets and other departments for green building and its industrialization, forming a policy incentive and guidance mechanism. For example, the financial capital reward, the area reward of planning and construction, the support of science and technology for R & D, and the capital budget policy of state-owned assets are all reflected in the guidance

the Guiding Opinions also clarify that the people's governments of all districts and counties are the main body of the implementation of actions, and all relevant functional departments should actively promote the implementation according to their respective responsibilities. The construction unit takes the overall responsibility for the construction of green affordable housing, and defines the whole process of implementation procedures from project approval to acceptance in detail

for the first time, Beijing proposed to actively support and cultivate several whole industry chain group enterprises or consortia integrating design, R & D, construction and installation and production and manufacturing, so as to form a strong support for Beijing's implementation of green building action and industrialization. It is also the first time to put forward the requirements for interior decoration industrialization of "prefabricated decoration" in China. Dry construction, factory manufacturing and on-site assembly will greatly reduce the garbage and noise on the construction site, reduce pollution, improve the decoration quality and facilitate the later maintenance and management

since 2007, Beijing has made clear the green building requirements of industrialization and land saving, energy saving, material saving, water saving and environmental protection in the construction standards of all kinds of affordable housing, and strictly controlled the links of planning, design and construction, so that a large number of affordable housing with the concept of green building have entered affordable families. Up to now, about 400000 affordable housing units and nearly 30 million square meters have been constructed according to the concept of green building. At the same time, the projects included in the implementation of industrialization plan have accumulated more than 6 million square meters

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