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Don't you want to make a profit by rubbing "C"

with 5g technology being pushed to the forefront, many behind the scenes gossip were pushed to the front stage. It turned out that the developer of 5g core technology was a 21-year-old doctoral student. The low-key "technology house" has changed the world again

this is an era of fighting technology. When you are ahead of others in technology, you will become the protagonist of this era. When 5g technology is applied to the field of construction machinery, maybe we can command all kinds of machinery on the whole construction site to complete production alone at home. Of course, it is estimated that there will be a long way to go. In fact, examples of technology changing productivity are not uncommon in engineering circles. For example, the latest generation of "thinking" case C series is the efficiency king of Pratt whitney aircraft owners. Don't you want to make a profit by rubbing "C"

we know that all friends who choose Keith are "activists" who are willing to work hard. We also know that times make heroes. Your struggle needs to be proved! In this era of opportunities everywhere, it is not enough to dare to think and do. You also need to have a "partner" who is smart enough to lead your opponent for several years. C series is your "technology house" partner

if you are not intelligent enough, what do you talk about "thinking"

since it is called a new generation of "thinking" excavator, there is a "smart heart" under the hard shell of case C series. The intelligent control system starts from the power source of the engine, controls the power output through the on-board computer, and makes the power output targeted through efficient and energy-saving control and management of the power output of the engine and hydraulic pump

the engine technology ensures higher fuel efficiency and more stable power output. The engine does not fall off the chain, and the construction operation is more guaranteed

if the control is backward, what is the "heart to heart control"

the accuracy of excavator action determines the equipment operation efficiency, and the number of misoperations determines the relative fuel consumption. If the control technology is backward, what else can we talk about "controlling at will"? Talk about turning over and making money

under the overall planning of case's new generation pcstm precision hydraulic control system, the control accuracy of case's new C series models is far better than that of their peers, and the working efficiency under difficult conditions is naturally better than that raised in January and November. The times, orientation and case pattern of each wordid

during the c-series operation, you can easily, accurately and quickly complete various composite actions. At the same time, the hydraulic system has five new fuel-saving functions: boom economy control, automatic economy control, knowledge of friction and wear tester, rotary decompression control, spool stroke control and automatic energy-saving technology. The five technologies make the c-series fly up and greatly improve the fuel economy. The "twelve hour" of Keith people is the way to make money and go to make money

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