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Changzhou Binjiang Chemical Park shut down 10 enterprises in 2011

it is reported that Changzhou Binjiang Chemical Park shut down 10 enterprises in the park in 2011

Binjiang chemical industry park has gathered nearly 100 chemical enterprises. Due to the lack of unified planning and the small scale and low grade of enterprises entering the park, the pollution problem in the park gradually appears. The "three wastes" produced in the production process of chemical enterprises affect the daily life of surrounding residents. To this end, Binjiang Chemical Industry Park issued a comprehensive improvement target of 4.5% in 2010 Computer is determined to ensure that more than 30 chemical enterprises in the chemical zone are shut down and transferred through 2-3 years of renovation, strive to exceed 40, and reduce the existing nearly 100 chemical enterprises to about 50

through the measures of "one plant, one pipe" and "one plant, one policy", the deterioration trend of water and gas environment in Binjiang chemical industry park has been preliminarily curbed. According to the monitoring data of automatic monitoring station in Binjiang chemical industry park, the air quality in the park has been improved. The main pollution factor is the concentration of benzene series, but its dimensional tolerance requirements are very low, and the drop is the most obvious

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